Project 365: Day 29 to Day 35

Day 29: Popsugar Must Have box for January arrived in the mail.  In a late night burst of missing my nomadic husband, I randomly decided I need to sign up for it.  This was my first box and my entire household thought it was fun to see what we got. It included a variety of stuff.  I had mixed feelings on it.  We already own a stability ball so I didn't even air this one up, no one liked the smell of the lip balm and my husband hasn't had a chance to try the protein bars since I'm the most annoyingly picky eater ever and none of them were flavors I like.  Having said that, my daughter had been wanting a watch and loved the fun light up face (the blinking lights are her favorite).  We also loved the hot chocolate.  My kids liked stirring the chocolate Popsicle in the warm milk to make it.  My husband and I love how rich and creamy it was.  One of the best hot chocolates I've ever tasted.  Like dessert in a cup.  The tiny marshmallows were perfect to go in it, too.  My 7 year old has been eating the rest by themselves ever since. I'm giving it a C this month but keeping an open mind for my next box.

Day 30: Random robot dance jam at bedtime! Apparently someone on the television was doing it and she thought she could do it better.  Clearly.

Day 31:  Someone taking a special spin around the parking lot in the front seat.  Tuesdays his big sister goes to an after school crafting class and put in a special request to get picked up at the curb.  I had no idea "at the curb" was so exciting.  Almost as exciting as a 7 year old allowed to sit in the front for 30 seconds as we pulled around.  He looked so delighted and insisted he needed the seat belt and draped his arm on the door like it was all very normal. But he couldn't maintain the normal facade when I said I was going to take a picture.  Nut.

Day 32: The previously mentioned crafter was insistent that her toilet paper roll owls be documented for posterity.  She would like it noted that she opted for "snowy" owls.

Day 33:  This outfit would make a lot more sense if it was March. And yet it's not.  It's just crazyville after the mayor came across a pair of green soccer socks.

Day 34: Air hockey!  With Daddy!  The 7 year old was getting smoked by his sister until his father stepped in.

Day 35: I had a stuffy head, cough and fever that progressively knocked me out of running for a week.  I was hacked off (while hacking stuff up ironically) that my half marathon training was getting thrown off.  I put off my next long run for a week in hopes of feeling better.  When I wasn't 100%, I decided to try to push through it anyway.  Rough going.  Ran 4 miles.  Ate a few too many Shot Blocks (why did no one tell me 3 was too many at once!).  Walked a little.  Ran another .5 miles.  And then decided to walk the rest of the 8 and try to get better and try it again the next week.  Considering I walked half of it, I figure a 12:44 per mile average ain't bad.  Considering I'm an idiot that tried to push through illness, I figure I'm glad my stupidity didn't get me any sicker.

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Lauren E said...

Okay so this is the first I've ever heard of POPSUGAR Must Haves but now I think I need to sign up. In fact, I'm sad I missed January because I would totally use everything in that box. Especially a watch that lights up. :)

Your kids are adorable and look like a lot of fun! Love your daughter's leprechaun outfit. :)

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