Project 365: Day 45 to 59

I'm amazed it's March and I'm still going strong with my Project 365.  Go, me.  And let's all just ignore the fact that I have fallen behind a little.  I blame that on the fact that I can't seem to keep track of what day I'm on.  For example, I'm up to Day 59 but I only knew that by adding the number of days in January and the number of days in February.  That's also how I realized I behind since I was only on 44.  Oh, well. On to the photos.

Day 45: My February Popsugar Must Have box arrived.  It was romance themed in honor of Valentine's Day.  Duh.  Towel wrap, conversation hearts, jewelry cleaner, some chocolate, lipstick, a sappy romance novel and a thong which they claim is one size fits all.  I can't help but doubt that "one size fits all business" and I only say that based on the size of my own butt currently versus the size of my butt at 204.4 pounds.  I really like the towel wrap though and the hearts have already been eaten.  I've also read the book which was Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks.  Not great but not terrible.  Very readable and good bathtub reading fluff for when you don't want to think too much.

Day 46: If there is a photo prop that involves faces shoved into holes, you may rest assured no hole will  be left behind by my babies.  They are well trained. 

Day 47:  Race to the bottom of Daddy's lemonade.

Day 48:  I was minding my own beeswax picking out Eggos when I couldn't help but notice my baby being dragged through the frozen food section.  By my husband.  The grown adult.  

Day 49: Testing out the showers at Home Depot.  Her suggestion.  Clearly. And, no, we're not shopping for a new shower.  The kid is just nuts.

Day 50:  I came around the corner and my 9 year old is dragging her brother down the Home Depot aisle by his foot.  Can't imagine where she gets it (See above Day 48).

Day 51:  Watching my son's soccer practice from the car.  The warm car.  The car without a 35 degree wind chill blowing through.   I layered the hell out of that kid and delivered him to the coach.  My job is done.  I'll be in the car.

Day 52:  Fake iPad usage at volleyball practice. 

Day 53: My crazy 7 year old after his first grade Old McDonald performance.  It included square dancing.  By him.  Arm in arm with another kid.  The whole crowd was clapping in time to the music.  Heaven help me, I almost overdosed on the cuteness.

Day 54: My personal pedicurist decided my toes were in need of attention.  I was treated to new polish including some crackle, an assortment of color and random sparkly crap.  She also decided my right foot needed a sparkly cupcake temporary tattoo.   Perfect!

Day 55:  My Italian Stallion husband scaled back his Little Debbie consumption and dropped a few pounds.  To celebrate he had a pose off in our bathroom which our 9 year old started photographing on her iTouch.  I told that kid to move over because I needed in on that action.  Dude is insane in the membrane.

Day 56:  Since graduating from not one but two Wilton cake decorating classes during the fall, a certain someone decided to make her father a get well cake (He was under the weather recently.)  Sadly, her mother failed to take into account that tossing non Wilton icing tubes into her cart at the grocery store would mean the decorating tips we already own wouldn't screw on.  Mother of the year nominee right here, people.  The professional cake decorator was forced to improvise as best she could.  She opted to wear a random pink neck pillow while she did it.  Naturally.

Day 57: Homework with Daddy.

Day 58:  Crowded kitchen during the morning hustle to get out the door.

Day 59:  37 degrees outside with a wind chill of 25 and naturally it's opening day of the spring soccer season for my 7 year old.  Perfect.  Can you say, cold as hell?  My husband wears shorts and flip flops straight through winter and even he had on pants and a winter coat with the hood pulled up to avoid the wind.

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