Non Scale Victories: Back on the Wagon

My husband has been traveling a lot for work this year.  It's above average lame and I try hard not to beat him down about it since it's not technically within his control.  He would probably say I should mention that I'm not always successful at not beating him down about it.  I would probably say I do the best I can and he should shut the hell up and get his own blog.

One side effect of the constant traveling thing is that when he is here it's like a celebration.  Yeah, Daddy's home!  Or in my case, Yeah, my lazy, fat butt gets to lay in bed while someone else takes the trash out!

The celebrations also include food.  There's some eating out.  Not that eating out has to be unhealthy or include inhaling everything I see.  But for me, it seems to lend itself to eating more than I should.  The portions are big, I'm not great at finding the best healthy choice on the menu that fits my picky eater requirements and I'm pretty much incapable of eating in a Mexican restaurant and not having chips and salsa.  Once a week is a fun treat.  Several days a week is a dent in your plan to shrink the size of your butt.

There's also a lot of crappy food entering my house.  My rule of thumb is that I can't inhale it if it's not currently in my house.  If I want a treat, I buy it in snack size not family size.  Family size is evil unless it's toilet paper.  Or eggos.  Because my kids eat lots of eggos and I'm tired of having to break down all the boxes.  But I digress.
Heaven help me, Cadbury mini eggs are tasty.  And that's a large bag that found its way into our house.  Which someone then dumped on paper plate and set out like hor dourves.  WTH.
My husband buys crap I wouldn't.  I buy 20 boxes of Thin Mints because everyone else loves them and I hate mint.  My husband buys anything and everything.  Many of them are yummy and sugary and call my name when I'm laying in bed watching crappy reality television.    

On top of all the celebrating, the weekend I ran my half marathon, I somehow translated carb loading the night before the race into Whatever I Want Weekend.  My eating got slightly off track.

It would be an easy slippery slope to fall right back into old habits.  I could feel that possibility looming in the air.

But I put the brakes on and got right back to being healthy.
I went shopping for all my favorite healthy snacks.  My fruit basket is full.  And when my body seemed confused that it wasn't getting as many calories as it had been a few days before, I even went back to basics and started tracking my calories on my phone like I used to back in the beginning. 

I'm super proud that I didn't let old habits slide in.  I count it as a definite non scale victory.

Although, I'd be okay if the scale decided to let me have a victory, too.  Just sayin'.

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Anonymous said...

Those eggs made into my house also. They are all gone now. It's ok to celebrate during your race weekend. Great job getting back on track!

Laurie Tester said...

That's a great victory! I did the same "carb loading" for my 10K--ps--you don't carb load for just 6 miles. ha!
Way to keep yourself on track!
Happy Lil' Friday,
Lulu and Daisy

2Momma2 said...

I have you beat on those evil eggs - the bag I have in my cabinet is from Sam's Club and in a huge re-sealable bag! I actually had two. I struggle with trying to save money with my junk food addict husband and trying to limit temptation. I stocked up on clearance junk food at Sams which really killed me for a couple weeks. The rest of the junk is in hiding and I'm trying to slowly leak it out to hubby without going crazy myself! Nice to "meet" you - new follower!

Carolyn said...

Getting back on the wagon is THE HARDEST PART. Especially with those dang cadburys around!! Good work this week :)

Carolyn @ http://fitnastyforlife.blogspot.com

Katie J said...

Way to go for putting those breaks on! It is so hard and feels so bad when you feel the bad habits creeping back in! But, you didn't go out of control, you've gotten back on the wagon and seriously you did a 10K, you go girl!

Katie J said...

Way to go for putting those breaks on! It is so hard and feels so bad when you feel the bad habits creeping back in! But, you didn't go out of control, you've gotten back on the wagon and seriously you did a 10K, you go girl!

Kelsey said...

Good for you for not back sliding and letting bad habits take over. I know how hard it is and it has happened a few too many times for me in the past! Going out to eat is always so hard for me because the things there that I want to eat always have the most calories. What I do to help make it a little better is order a kids version of what I want if its avaliable or if not boxing up half of it right away so I am not tempted to eat more than I should.

The Dose of Reality said...

It's about being better than you were yesterday. I LOVE THAT. When I get off track, it's so hard to get back on...I feel like it's all shot. But it's not! I just have to do better than the day before. YES!

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