Weekly Workout Recap: Enough to Get By

My workouts for the last two weeks have been a little off track.  I like to blame my husband's frequent traveling making it difficult to find the time and energy for other things.  I consider it a good day when I get everyone fed and clothed and where they need to be.  During the week, it's tough to want to do more than that.   I like to think I'm doing enough to get by until my husband's travel lets up (Someday?!? Hopefully?! Pretty please.)
I like that I don't look like I want to die.  Yes, I look sweaty.  Yes, I'm wearing a stupid sweatband.  But I don't look exhausted and ready to fall out.  That's progress!
I've been running on Tuesdays and Thursdays with a friend and knowing that someone else is depending on me has helped me to not skip out on those runs.  I've also been trying to leave my headphones at home and run at a pace that doesn't leave me completely out of breath and incapable of talking.  I don't like hearing my breathing while I run though.  It never sounds particularly good and I hate hearing that.  I guess when I can't hear it I do better pushing myself to run harder. 

On days I do a shorter run by myself, I've been going the other direction and turning the music in my headphones up loud and pushing myself to run faster.  I'm not sure which is better but I think both of them are good for me and I like that I'm continuing to try different things.
My long runs in the last 2 weeks were 5 miles and 9 miles.  The 9 was supposed to be 10.  I blame crazy 14 mile per hour wind that seemed to be coming from in front of me regardless of which direction I ran.  Then my iPhone battery died and I finally decided the universe was trying to send me a message and took my toys and went home. 
My first time wearing a silky type running shirt.  Hated it.  I'll stick with my cheap crappy cotton Target shirts from now on. 

I also walked a lot and enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine.  My nine year old decided she wanted to walk a mile in my shoes.  Rather than our usual short spin around the park, she requested to go the full distance I usually do without her.  So we did almost 4 miles.  Slowly.  20 minute mile slowly. Considering we did a pit stop at the bathroom and then picked weeds flowers and ceremoniously tossed them into the lake, I'm amazed we got anywhere. 
But it's nice to have a kid that just wants to tag along and hold your hand and chat.  Someday she won't want to.  So I'll take it.  And enjoy it. 
And now I'm moving on to getting ready for my second half marathon next weekend.  If I never thought I'd run a half marathon, I definitely didn't think I'd be running a second one.  But I decided I wanted to see what I'm capable of.  My husband's ankle injury last time threw that off a little.  He won't be running with me this time.  It makes me nervous to contemplate mile 10 to 13 without him since I've never run that far without him.   But part of me likes that I'm a little nervous.  Much like last time, I'm shooting for 2:20 best case scenario.  I'm ready for it to be hard.  And I'm ready to bring it.  Let's do this.

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Nicole Orriëns said...

I always love reading posts of other moms who like to run!

I think you totally rock your headband!


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