Project 365: Day 79 to 97

Fell a little behind but still afloat.  And it's April.  Whodathunk. Not this girl. 

Day 79: Homework. The story of my life.  Sigh.

Day 80: My husband was confused about why we needed 20 bananas and how we could possibly eat them all before fruit flies infest our house.  Four days later, here's the fruit basket.  Case closed.  We are some banana eating fools up in here.

Day 81:  My brother owns a lot of jeans.  And if you're going to be a nosy Rosie and look in his closet, why not photograph your kid in there, too?

Day 82: Good book.  Suspenseful.  Fast read.  But creepy.  Thumbs up.  I can only read books like this in small doses.  If I read them all the time I'm pretty sure I'd hear things going bump in the night. 

Day 83: Eating breakfast with Santa if Santa were 7 years old and his father hung a slightly shredded napkin from his glasses. 

Day 84: The tooth that refused to fall out for like 3 weeks chose to fall out in the middle of a soccer game.  My seven year old came running around the outside of the field while the game continued.  Bloody mouth, tooth in hand, calling out to me.  Strangely enough, that's the second tooth we've lost on a soccer field.  He was super excited he didn't lose this one in the grass.  No letter to the tooth fairy to explain why he should still get some cash despite the lack of tooth. Yeah!

Day 85:  My injured half marathon companion and his bum ankle riding his bike with me while I ran.   It was nice.  So is he.

Day 86:  Mouth apps on his smart phone.  Quality entertainment for all ages. 

Day 87: Donuts with Daddy.   I'm amazed I didn't inhale any of them.  Er.   At least none of them besides the donut hole I taste tested for quality control purposes.  It's important to check to be sure they're not poisoned.  Had to take one for the team.

Day 88:  Grillin'.  I'd pretend it's finally grilling season except my husband thinks it's grilling season 365 days a year rain, sleet or shine.  We once had our neighbors come to the door on a cold rainy fall day concerned about smoke coming from our backyard thinking our house might be on fire despite the rain.  It was fun explaining to her it was just my husband out there under an umbrella manning his grill. 

Day 89:  Go ahead.  Try to box the pony out on the bed.  He will shove his big 100 pound furry butt between you and the wall and shove his pig snout right in your ear.  My husband will pretend it's annoying but the second that pony gets up to leave someone's petting him right back where he was. 

Day 90: This is what happens when you try to steal Daddy's chair.  First he sits on you to hold you in place.  Then he tickles the heck out of you while you can't move.  That kid wouldn't have it any other way.

Day 91:  There's a stuffed cow on our kitchen ceiling.  Makes perfect sense.

Day 92: Haven't you ever seen a guy make coffee before?  Move along.  But I don't want to!  It's so nice just seeing his nomadic butt in our kitchen! 

Day 93: Fist pumping jam session.  I like the seven year old rump shaker.

Day 94:  My knee hurts just looking at how she's sitting.  Meanwhile her brother's dayglo soccer team is playing behind her.  At first she didn't want to go to the game with me.  Then I pointed out that she always asks me to spend time with her alone and she'd have me all to herself on the sidelines.  Next thing I know she's facing away from the game whole time yapping my ear off.  Nice weather.  Nice company.  Nice afternoon.

Day 95: Another glamorous Friday night at the grocery store.   My checkout girl was wearing pink bunny rabbit pajamas tucked into fake Ugg boots.  Classy.

Day 96: Volleyball!  She's on a new team and loves, loves, loves it. They don't even waste time practicing underhand serving.  She loves working on her overhand serve and was above average delighted when her new coach told her they don't even waste time practicing underhand anymore.

Day 97: Me and my pasty white legs were minding our own beeswax enjoying a nice hot bath when someone dropped by to visit.  Super.  Who needs peace and quiet when you can discuss important world issues like, what is the best hand sanitizer scent from Bath and Body Works.

And in preparation for the great Google Reader apocalypse, I'm test driving some BlogLovin:


Michell Pulliam said...

Hi, love your pics. You and your family look like you have so much fun! Thanks for dropping by...may you have a wonderful evening!

Michell @Prowess and Pearls

ABC Mama said...

Congratulations! I am nominating you for a Liebster Award. Have Fun!
abc mama @ http://myblogalphabetsoup.blogspot.com/2013/04/its-award-season.html

BREI said...

I had a hard time with Sharp Objects. I couldn't finish it. Way creepy!

Savvy WorkingGal said...

I read Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl - well most of it anyway. Her characters were so unlikeable I peeked at the ending wondering where this was going to end up then couldn't go on. I think I will pass on Sharp Objects.

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