Weekly Workout Recap: Post Half Goals

After running my first half marathon two weeks ago, I immediately started pondering what my next goal should be.  I knew for sure I wanted to try to pick up speed and run faster.  So I knew for sure I wanted to work on completing a 5K in under 30 minutes.  But after my husband's ankle injury during the half, I also started thinking about trying to run another one just to see once and for all what my finish time would be.  I knew I'd need some time to recover but not too much time to worry about losing my endurance.

I'm still contemplating dates, but having decided to go for it, I tried to stick with my training schedule.  I gave my legs a little rest the first week taking 3 days off and then doing two 2 mile runs and a 5 mile run on the weekend.  The next week I went back to my usual 3 miles two times during the week and another 5 miles on the weekend.
Just when I think I can't look like any more of a hot mess while running, my husband snags my sunglasses on his way out the door and I'm left with this Jersey Shore crap my 9 year old picked up from my crazy brother.  I felt like a complete dimwit.
The first week my husband and his bum ankle rode a bike next to me on my short runs. I wasn't sure what to expect running with someone on a bike.  Which is a nice way of saying I didn't think I'd like it because I'd feel pressured to run faster to keep up.  But it wasn't like that at all and I actually really liked it.  It was also nice of him to want to come along.
My husband couldn't run with me thanks to his recent ankle injury during our half marathon so he rode a bike next to me with the dogs.  And it was actually kind of fun.  Other than getting tangled in the leashes.
He rode slow to stay with me and he'd brought our annoying dogs and they slowed him down quite a bit.   I offered to hold one of the leashes to be a good wife.  Our nut job terrier was complete dead weight though.  He refused to run anything faster than a 13 minute mile.  It was nuts.  I finally found someone that runs too slow for me! So I traded leashes for the pony of a Lab.  He couldn't run in a straight line if his life depended on it but he did at least agree to run faster.

The weekend after my half I ran 5 miles and my average pace was 10:18.  Since I'm usually a 10:30 to 11:00 minute mile girl so that pretty much made my day.  I didn't think it could get much better than that, but then two days later I refused to slow down no matter how out of breath I felt and I did 3 miles in 28:32.  That's my fastest time going 3 miles.  Even better, it included one whole entire mile run at an average pace of 8:40.  I've never run a mile that fast!  I was beyond excited.  Panting and felt like dying.  But pumped.  Although I will admit I did wonder for a second if my watch was working right. Just saying.
My other runs weren't nearly as great.  But I got them done so I'll take it.  My second 5 mile run was actually supposed to be 7 but heat, humidity and an upset stomach had me cut it down and walk the last 2 miles.  I'll take it.  But next weekend I won't be cutting myself any slack.
Second bathroom stop.  It was hot out and I was a shiny mess sweating my life away. 

Shiny shoulders.  Hot mess central.
Other than running, I did a bunch of walking.  The weather outside was pretty for several days in a row and I did my best to get some sunshine. I found some time during soccer practice.  Found some time when my husband took the kids to piano.   Found some time Saturday afternoon squeezed in between soccer and volleyball.  I love a good walk while someone else is in charge of my kids.
Pretty weather.  Pretty scenery.  Sunshine.  Holla.
My kids like stalking me when I try to head out for a walk though.  This week just to be sure we had plenty of extra dead weight to slow us down, someone brought a giant stuffed cow.  Naturally.
The odds of me getting my heart rate up seem slim with a kid carrying a giant stuffed cow.  Note to self: You and your chins look awesome from this angle.
I also successfully did arm weights 2 times in one week which is a record for me.  My husband also attempted to explain to me what the different muscles in my arms are and give me a specific exercise to do for each.  Now if I could successfully retain the information!  

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Rachel Cotterill said...

I can imagine that running with an injured cyclist is better than running with, say, someone training for the tour de france. I hope he'll able to run with you again, soon?

menopausal mama said...

I think it's awesome that you are doing all this and getting into shape! I had to giggle though over your comment about your chin in that picture! I just joined a gym 6 weeks ago and feel so much better now because of it!

Anonymous said...

I would love to hit a 10 minute mile! I'm behind you. Closer to your little dogs pace. Okay, a little faster than him but somewhere in between you two. I think you have some great mileage going on too. The weights are important, try to retain that info. :)

Happy SITS Sharefest.

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