Unscheduled Fun is the Best

Some days are great for no other reason than that they are simple and spent together.  They don’t require a big plan for the day.  They don’t require an outing to somewhere exciting.  And they don’t require buying anything shiny and new. 
Out of focus but sweet.
My household experienced one on Sunday.   It didn’t hurt that my nomadic husband was in town for a change (Yeah!).  There was some laying around in pajamas.  There was some tickling.  And when we finally got dressed there were piggy back rides downstairs and giggling.
Getting swung around by Daddy makes her giggle.
My nine year old had attended a girl scout event the day before that included yoga so she gave us a lesson while the first cup of coffee was poured.  It included a demonstration of “the hardest yoga move ever.”  My husband is an Italian Stallion who hears “the hardest ever” and feels obligated to prove the statement wrong. 
What he lacks in proper yoga form, he more than makes up for in brute strength.
As if that’s not demoralizing enough, his little doppelganger plops down and does it effortlessly.
Love the splayed fingers. 
Kid seriously looked like he could have hung out like that all day.  At least his father had the courtesy to take a moment to master it.  The kid just popped a squat and had it down.  His sister was slightly in awe.  For that matter, so was his mother.  WTH. 
And then we rode our bikes over to the local donut shop.  The weather was great and it was quiet with few cars on the road.  We were greeted by the owners of the donut shop as the regulars we are and everyone inhaled fluffy, fresh donuts.  When the kids were done licking all the sugary goodness off their fingers, we rode home and goofed off the rest of the day.  Watched a few episodes of How Its Made.  Played some hangman.  Funyuns for the kids.  Hot bath for me. 

And lo, it was just a good day and all was right in the world. 

When you’re husband travels a lot, it’s funny how his presence is enough to make a good day better.  Like riding in the car and a favorite song you haven’t heard in a long time comes on and you crank the volume up.  And then you catch yourself smiling and thinking happy thoughts the rest of the day. Yeah!


Leigh Powell Hines said...

Unscheduled is definitely the best. Love it.

Be-Quoted.com said...

"Scheduled" fun is freaking stressful. I like to just run up on fun. That is truly the best! #sitssharefest

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