Crappy Reality Television: B-Double O-T-Y

This past weekend I had big plans. Inside my head there was going to be sleep, sleep and more sleep. I also envisioned getting my run on. In reality, it was hot as hell outside and I fell into a well better known as, Downton Abbey.

I came up for air after finishing Season 2. Is it weird that I’m more into Mr. Bates than Matthew? Strong, silent, sweet and loyal to a fault. Can I get a hell yeah? And I do realize there’s a Season 3 and 4. I just haven’t seen them yet. There are only so many hours in the day! But never fear, I will annoy my husband by losing sleep staying up late trying to get through all of them. Three cheers for Amazon Prime Instant viewing! But don’t tell me anything that’s going to happen! Suspense is good for the soul!

I also successfully found some time to turn my brain to mush with crappy reality television. Most notably, I’ve been wasting my life watching Big Brother. Racist extraordinaire Aaryn won Head of Household. I wasn’t happy she won. But truthfully, it seems as though that’s how life works. When everyone else doesn’t want 1 person to win, that’s the 1 person that will win.

And, let’s be honest, that’s kind of funny to watch. Specifically, the look of shock and horror that everyone else was trying to disguise. I also thought it was crazy how quick Helen was so quick to believe that Elissa told Candice about the agreement. I thought she and Elissa were tight. I thought it was some sort of motherhood solidarity. But then Helen had no problem mentally shifting gears to thinking about getting rid of her. I like Helen. But I don’t like how quickly she was capable of ditching a buddy.

On the other hand, I would totally ditch Ginamarie. First, because I can never figure out how to write her name. Second, she thinks she’s way more awesome than she is. I’m also concerned that Amanda and McCrae are getting a little too confident they’ve got things under control. Why no one else thinks they need to break up that couple is beyond me.

We are still doing family must see watch it together night for America’s Got Talent. We were bummed the umbrella dance group got eliminated last week but pretty happy about everything else. Our favorite was the circus brothers in leotards. 
My own personal hype man getting jiggy with it.
This week we were beside ourselves with excitement waiting for B-Double O-T-Y. We find that guy and his hype man ridiculously entertaining. We hope they stay ridiculous and don’t try to get all serious like Jay-Z or something. Stay ridiculous with your velour leopard sweat suit, crazy facial expressions and commitment to literally one song and one song only. Just watching his face while the judges talk to him made us laugh out loud. 
This guy knows a thing or two about ridiculous facial expressions, too.

We were bummed the sweet country guy didn’t do well. We think he should have gone with a slow, tender song. And we thought Mel was kind of harsh to him.  We didn’t really care about anyone else.  For example, we’re pretty sure the synchronized swimmers are very talented and that their routines must take forever to get right and require crazy mad swimming skills but we’re just not into it. 

Finally, over on the Bravo channel, my home away from home, I’ve indoctrinated my husband into the magic that is Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis. The episode with the cat lady is the one that sold him on it. But he also enjoyed the Jillian Barbieri episode where even he was able to identify that all was not well in her marriage. My favorite was when she told him he didn’t give anything up for her right after they talked about how he’d been a stay at home dad to their two kids for several years. Um, come again? Pretty sure he sees it differently.

This week on Interior Therapy we learned that neither of us wants to live in a run down fake castle with a horrifyingly hideous rock themed bathroom. And if you are like me, and incapable of changing channels when Jeff Lewis is going to be on another Bravo show, has anyone else watched Property Envy? Because, he’s the best thing on that show and laugh out loud funny.

My husband and I seriously want to go drinking with him and listen to him keep it real. The best house on the show so far was the ginormous house owned by an avid hunter. He had like 220 taxidermied animals. Is that even a word? No clue. But when your house resembles the Smithsonian Natural History museum it’s a sign you’re hardcore.


Anonymous said...

i'm so glad someone else out there has a tv watching spectrum that includes "downton abbey" AND jeff lewis. thank goodness i'm not the only one! haha

Vanessa said...

We had the EXACT same thoughts on America's Got Talent in our household as yours. Hubby was WAITING for the BOOTY song which they waited til the end to show of course. We felt so bad for the country singer. It seemed like nerves got to quite a few of the performers that night.

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