It’s funny how where you sit at work can affect your day in subtle ways.

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I was moving to a new building at work. The move wasn’t fun and the best thing I can say about it is that at least it’s finished.

I’ve now been in the new building for over 2 weeks and I’m here to report I did not appreciate how good I had it sitting in a building with an ice machine and near a water fountain. Talk about a stupid first world problem.

I realize there are countries on this planet where ice is a small miracle. So I realize I sound like one whiny first world problem havin’ female. But when you are contemplating packing ice to bring to work with you, your day has taken a bit of a left turn.
Yesterday I went home with a pounding headache for the second day in a row. Pounding headaches make it hard to convince your Jelly Belly to do anything other than lay around waiting for bedtime. I was trying to figure out if I was just super tired or maybe overly stressed. Then I realized I drank maybe 20 ounces of water that day. That’s a drop in the bucket of what this Jelly Belly needs.

I spent my morning in training. Then before I could even plopped my butt down at my desk I was called to a meeting. By the time I get paroled from the meeting, it was time to go home. 20 ounces. Every cell in my body was yelling at me.

I’m a girl that drinks a lot of water. I’m a girl that makes hourly trips to the bathroom. I used to fill my 20 ounce water glass up with ice and water every 2 hours. I sucked it down before while my lunch heats up. I sucked it down while reading email. I sucked it down while sitting in meetings. If you were stuck listening to me yammer at work, odds are you were stuck seeing my stupid little water cup in my hand.

But there’s no water fountain on my floor now. It’ll be like that for a month while they remodel that part of the building. That blows.

I realize I could easily go down a flight of stairs and fill my cup. I realize that’s actually extra exercise I could incorporate into my day and I’m a girl in the market for exercise anyway. So why do I avoid it?! Makes no sense.  Other than the fact that I am one lazy wench.

I should look forward to getting up. I should look forward to burning a couple calories on the way. Instead, I seem to avoid it. Or it just slips my mind because I’m not walking by the water fountain. Sigh. If we can put a man on the moon, is a water fountain so much to ask. And no, I don’t think I’m mixing apples and oranges there.

The bathrooms on my floor are also closed for the same remodeling. In most offices, this would be a near apocalypse and complaints would be sent in triplicate to every member of management within a 50 foot radius while everyone stages a coup. My office is apparently apathetic and there are no coups planned. Believe me, I’ve asked around.
Today the guys doing the remodeling upped the ante and closed off the direct door to the elevators so they can lay tile. This had me walking 10 times further than usual for every trip to the bathroom. It was like a little parade as I traipsed the entire circumference of my floor to get to the stairs to travel to another floor to then traipse to their bathroom. 
I’m sure I’ve got some coworkers counting my bathroom trips and wondering how the hell I get anything done.
The only thing better would be if I take my husband up on his offer last night to loan me his camelback to wear at my desk. I’ll just stroll to the copier while I sip from the tube. It'll be super classy.

Problem solved. Not.

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AmyJ said...

No really classy would be getting a 5 gallon bucket for your office. And I'm not talking about filling it with ice...

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