They don't know about taxes but they've mastered the photo bomb

1. We ate in a restaurant recently with a Godfather poster on the wall and my kids asked about it. While explaining to my daughter why it wasn’t a movie for kids, I said it involved things that are only for grown ups. To which she said, “Like taxes?” No, little one, those are for everyone. You just don’t realize it yet.

2. While on the phone brainstorming an Italian restaurant before my marathon, I made the mistake of asking my old school father if he knew a restaurant nearby. First he has a loud discussion about it in the background with a friend followed by, “Hold on. We’re pulling out the phone book and we’re going to look one up for you.” I was calling him on an iPhone. Um. Yeah. Never mind. Pretty sure I can look one up on my phone.

3. My children are insane. We had an unseasonably warm day and sat outside grilling. Our dog, Honey Wheat, took a dip in the freezing cold pool and I tried to get a photo of him wrapped up like a babushka in a towel. While trying to get him in focus, my children demonstrated their above average photo bombing skills. 
The added touch of standing on a table to pose really added to the photo bomb.  Well played, girl.
We’ve obviously taught them well. Neither of them can run a washing machine or mow our yard for us yet, but they’ve mastered the photo bomb so we’re not complete failures as parents yet. 
Welcome to the gun show.
4. I am the proud parent of the kid that took the worst school photo ever. He’s 8. Shove him in front of a camera and my devoted mother heart should love any shot of him. That is unless he’s wearing an idiotic shirt, has hit foot up on some object that’s not in the shot and has opted to grind his teeth instead of smile.
I’m tempted to buy one just to have it at my disposal years down the line when he starts to think he’s cool. When he was younger, I’d blame myself for the idiotic shirt on his body because I didn’t watch the calendar better and know it was picture day. But at 8 years old, I’m prepared to put that madness on him. Technically, I’m prepared to put anything on anyone else at any given moment. But in this case, it might actually make sense.

5. My household enjoyed the Winter Olympics but we are happy our television now offers other options for our viewing pleasure. Exhibit A: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I am losing sleep trying to decide if Lisa is the big fat liar or Brandi. On the one hand, I feel like there’s an element of shadiness to Brandi in how she’s always stirring up trouble. She acts like she doesn’t but she does. On the other hand, I do think it’s beyond odd that Lisa employed the girl that slept with Brandi’s husband for 4 years and the girl was friends with Lisa’s daughter but it never once got brought to her attention that the girl had that connection with Brandi. For example, even if it never came up before, once Brandi was on Real Housewives even once, you’d think it would get mentioned to Lisa that the girl knew Brandi. I believe that. And if I believe that, it means Lisa knowingly had waitressing at the first party and faked like she didn’t know anything. But beyond that, there’s been another party at Kyle’s house where Sur staff served and Lisa could have arranged for that girl to not be on the list of servers. A normal person would have done that. A normal person would have avoided putting her friend in that situation. But she didn’t. So that’s weird. So I’m left pondering it.

I’m also confused that the latest Downton Abbey season is already over. I feel like it lasted 5 minutes and they shouldn’t even be allowed to call it a season. And what’s up Mary even contemplated doing anything about Bates. Has she forgotten moving a dead body during the first season and then lying about it? I realize she didn’t kill the guy but it’s still pretty shady to move a body and hide the facts surrounding his death.

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Renee @ Sassy Wife Classy Life said...

Stopping by from the link up - love your fun family candid, and that you named your dog Honey Wheat! :)

Shan said...

Yes Downton Abbey, what the hell!?

Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

my daughter loves photoboming. over the holidays, i tried so hard to get a great shot of our tree but she kept on jumping in!

Elsa Cannon said...

Kids are so adorable, just because they are still clueless about some things. Haha! One day, they'll know the difficulty of paying taxes, and I can only hope you'll be there when their heads start to hurt from keeping track of them. Anyway, those photos look adorable. You and your family always seem to be having fun. The little smiles that your kids have in the photobombs are proof of it. Wishing your family all the best! :)

Elsa Cannon

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