My name is Kim and this is my blog.

Late 30s.  2 kids.  Career girl.  Insane husband.   60 pounds lighter than I used to be and the laziest female to ever run a half marathon. 
That’s me and my wrecking crew.  We’re loud and leave a path of chaos everywhere we go.  At the grocery store, we’re the cart that tumbles over in the parking lot because my 200 pound husband is riding it with the kids.   At Walmart, we’re the giant bouncy balls flying around in the towel aisle.    

I once exited my bathroom minding my own beeswax only to get tackled sneak attack style while my husband shouted “Terry Tate.”  Dude is insane.  Dude's convinced I'm insane.  We regularly debate who is more insane.  But insane or not, that guy is my hallelujah

My two kids are the reason I get out of bed each morning as well as the reason I look forward to bedtime every night.   I’d be lost without them but slowly lose my mind weathering their madness.

My daughter is bright and sweet but a pistol.   I have no idea where she gets it. She's currently trying to convince me she'll die if she doesn't get a cell phone.  Sigh.  

My son is two years younger.  He regularly requires stiches in his head and has to be convinced to wear underwear and change his socks.  Please don’t bother to tell me this will only get worse.  I’ve met his father.  I am familiar with where this is headed.    

I'm mildly addicted to reality television, enjoy a grande margarita at dinner and do not for the life of me understand why I own so many crappy sweater sets.

I used to weigh 204.4 lbs.  I've gone from a tight size 18 to a pair of size 6 jeans that I can successfully zip up without cutting off my circulation.  Getting to a size 6 was hard but worth it.  I did it by changing what I eat and sweating a lot.    I'm still a work in progress.

I read a lot.  I go through phases and have favorites in nearly every genre. A Separate Peace is my all time favorite book but The Bell Jar was the most life changing and Gone with the Wind is the one I quote the most.   I read Room faster than any other book and it's my favorite in the last 5 years.  It lingers with me to this day. The Kite Runner moved me.  The Glass Castle inspired me.  In Cold Blood sent a chill down my spine. Memoirs of a Geisha surprised me in the enormity of the story.   And I don’t care what anyone says, And Then There Were None is the best Agatha Christie book.  Julie Garwood was my favorite historical romance author, Phillip Margolin for legal drama and I've read all the Janet Evanovich books.  I'm currently in a Young Adult phase and my favorite is the Mara Dyer series. Like I said, I read a lot. 

And for anyone wondering, no, the name of the blog doesn't mean I'm unhappy.  It also doesn't mean I think I'm happier than you.  I'm just some girl.  A girl who aspires to be happier.  Not richer.  Not more powerful.  Just happier.  It's my outlook on life.  My house may be messy.  My wardrobe pathetic.  And my children's fingernails in need of clipping.  But, we try to be happy right where we are.  Some days we are.  Some days we're not.  So it goes.


Heather Cremeens said...

Ah! I've also read Gone With the Wind multiple times, and Scarlett, too! Loved them both.

Beachcomber said...

Great about me page. Congratulations on your weight loss. I am working on losing weight and getting healthier.

Dee Williamson said...

I'm also on a health kick after baby #4. Loved your About Me page!

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