Another season of Survivor has ended

Last night was the Survivor season finale. Far more interesting to me than Earl winning was that Dreamz went back on his deal with Yau-Man. Dreamz previously accepted a $60,000 truck in exchange for promising to give Yau-Man the immunity necklace if he won it at the final four. He then won it and didn’t give it to Yau-Man. He covered his face and wouldn’t look at anybody and then he even voted Yau-Man out. He said he couldn’t pass up a chance at a million dollars. I was shocked. Not because someone lied. Because I have no problem with that. It’s part of the game. In fact, people who go on the show and refuse to lie annoy me. But the thing about this lie was that he accepted a $60,000 truck. You don’t accept a $60,000 truck and then go back on the deal. You just don’t. And if you do, you should totally give that $60,000 truck back. Because it’s not yours. It’s not even a matter of integrity at that point. When you buy a car and refuse to pay the purchase price, you don’t get to keep the car. It’s just that simple. Another point worth mentioning is that once you renig on a deal like that you stand zero chance of winning. No one’s going to vote for you after that. So you threw your integrity away for nothing. Seriously, I’m not trying to advocate selling your integrity or anything. But if you’re going to do it, could you at least do a good job of it?

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