Things That Make Me Happy: The next to last semester is over

This week for my Friday morning happy thought I was going to write about my newly detailed car. Because Scott recently got my car detailed for me. Because Scott is wise and wonderful. It’s like driving a brand new car. Worth every nickel should have done it long ago can’t believe I tried to be cheap and claim I didn’t need it. They got the lipstick off the backseat, all the dried lollipops off the rugs and the suntan lotion off the door. Even the cracker crumb explosion disappeared. My little Honda has been restored to glass slipper status. That makes me very happy. Only, this morning, clean car happiness cannot compare with end of semester euphoria. My husband is in school. He’s been there roughly forever. Last night his last assignment for this semester was turned in. There’s only one semester left. Can. Barely. Contain. Excitement. We both work full-time and we have two small children. Our children only go to a daycare part time. His coursework requires an effort from our entire household. Except maybe Twister. Because Twister is useless. But now it's the end of the semester! No more nucleotide protein synthesis codon transcription mitosis madness! Free time! For everyone! For projects! For shopping! For reading! For pretending like the next semester doesn’t start in three weeks! Yeah!

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