Somedays I wouldn't mind being the one in the liquor store drive thru

My husband has been out of town for 2 ½ weeks now. We have another 2 ½ weeks to go. I’m tired, overworked and rarely get a moment to myself.

The other day he called me from the drive thru line at a liquor store. They were headed back to the hotel for drinks by the pool. I was at home picking up an entire box of Q-tips flung everywhere by our one year old. Another day he called me from an all you can eat crab restaurant. The food is great and it’s become their new Friday tradition. I was at home microwaving quesadillas with two attention starved kids clinging to my legs still wearing my work clothes because I hadn't had time to change yet. That’s my new everyday tradition. And there’s always a crowd in the car with Scott laughing and joking. Not that my car isn’t full too. Except there’s more screaming in mine. And more people shrieking “Mine.”

It’s not my husband’s fault he’s off in another state. He got sent there for work. He had to go. And I know that he means it when he tells me how much he wishes he was home and how bad he feels that I have to bear the parental heavy lifting right now on my own. He is a good man. Kind and sweet and wonderfully devoted to his home and family. I know that he means it.

But there are days when the discrepancy between his daily routines and mine are hard to swallow. Days when I’m green with envy and it’s hard to make “Have fun!” sound sincere when we get off the phone.

I’m trying hard to rise above it. Trying hard not to make him feel guilty for something he can’t do anything about. But it’s hard. Being tired and overworked and rarely getting a moment to myself tends to make it harder. At least it’s halfway over. And at least Sam’s sells wine coolers and there’s a box in my garage to dull my senses occasionally.


DSB said...

I can relate....sort of. My kids are older now, but I've been where you're at...and I was the only one taking care of them. It's not easy.

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. I am trying to make myself happier, too :) I think it's a good goal to have!

Amanda said...

Wow! I am so glad you came and commented on my site, I might now have found you otherwise. I love your writing, and so many of your sentiments pierce me straight through.

Hang in there for the new couple weeks, I know that single parenting at the hands of a spouse's job is pure hell.

a happier girl said...

Thanks, I'm happy we're at least halfway through it now. That helps me out a lot. And my husband really is super supportive over the phone. Thank goodness for phones.

Anonymous said...

I have to give you credit, if it was me I would be going crazy. Right now I can barely handle it and my husband doesn't get home until after the baby is in bed.

Thanks for commenting on my blog!!

Christy said...

You are one strong woman let me tell you that. I don't know if I personally could handle that length of time without my hubby at home, and I only have one child. Although I guess we say that but when actually faced with the situation we somehow rise to the challenge.

Keep your chin up, and think when he gets home you can cash in all of the banked alone time, while he stays with the kids for awhile :)

Also thanks for the comment too!

a happier girl said...

Thanks. You'd be suprised what you can do when push comes to shove. I wanted to rip my hair out just thinking about him being gone so long. But it's not forever.

Joy, of course! said...

You know, we live in the same world you and I. My husband's job doesn't have much fun about it but there are still times I would rather be there than here. Fortunately not most days though.

I am really enjoying your blogs!

a happier girl said...

Thanks. I guess it's just a case of thinking the grass is greener sometimes. We all do it.

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