I'm ready to get my cuddle on

My mother is still in the hospital but continues to improve. In fact, she improved enough to razz me about the selection of books I brought to keep her busy while she’s there. After eliminating everything she’s already read and everything she would consider mindless drivel, my bookshelves produced the first Harry Potter book, The Devil Wears Prada and East of Eden. East of Eden being the one that got me razzed. I’ll admit it’s not standard fluffy pass the time hospital reading. But my mom reads really fast. I figured I should produce a nice long book in case she flew through the first two. Of course, that was before I knew she has a 24 inch flat screen in her room to fall back on. I'm no longer worried about her getting bored.

In other less hospital related news, my husband is currently in the car driving home to me at this very moment. Sometime in the night, he will pull into our little driveway and restore order to the universe as we know it. It’s been a long five weeks. My excitement at his impending arrival is barely contained.

I've got big plans upon his return. First, I will subject him to mandatory cuddle time. When he tries to tell me we’re done, I will put his arm back around me and tell him we’re not. Then, I will make him watch my children while I go lock myself in the bathroom for a really, really long time. And I will not answer when people bang on the door or attempt to have conversations with me through the door. Finally, I will make him watch Who’s Wedding is it Anyway? with me and force him to offer opinions on the bridesmaid dresses. And then he will grab the remote and turn on Ultimate Fighter. And that'll be okay. Because I’ve missed him. Nothing is the same without him. And I'm okay with that, too. Because he’s almost back.


Joy, of course! said...

I really should have read the posts I missed before the current one. I didn't know about your mother and am sorry I was so flippant. I hope she will be back home soon. I am truly glad your husband is back home now. How hard it must have been to not have him at such a time.

a happier girl said...

No need to apologize. It's all good. I didn't think you were flippant. And my mom is actually heading home from the hospital today and seems to be feeling a lot better.

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