Pirate Master is dead to me and other good news

My mother's out of the hospital now. She’s staying at our house attempting to rest. I say attempting because my two children keep harassing her to read books and look at every toy we own. She’s like a sitting duck just laying there in the bed.

But there is naptime every afternoon and that’s quiet. Relatively. And during the week the kids head off to daycare for a few hours each day so that’ll be good, too. In case it’s not, I bought her the new Janet Evanovich book Lean Mean Thirteen to make up for it. I haven’t even read it yet myself. Nothing says thoughtfulness like letting someone else read a good book before you. Although, seriously, making someone wait for me to read a book first is like telling them to go buy their own copy. Because I am slow. And have small children. And my children don’t like me to read books that don’t contain pictures of animals.

They do however let me watch Pirate Master. Which is sad, because, man, is that show stupid. After missing it the week before, I watched a few minutes last week. Absence made my heart grow fonder for that show right up until it came on and the new captain mysteriously developed a British accent overnight. Dude’s not from Britain. Dude didn’t have a British accent until he became captain. Pirate Master is dead to me.

Plus, honestly, I can only handle so much 2nd rate reality television per week. What with the the Charm School season finale this Sunday, my week is all booked up.


Christy said...

Glad to hear you mom is doing well.

I watched about two seconds of pirate master, my hubby wouldn't let me watch anymore of it, so I am glad to hear that I didn't miss much. Now, So you think you can dance, I have to watch that one! Even my hubby won't miss it, but he will deny that of course :)

Joy, of course! said...

I am so glad to hear your mom is out of the hospital and doing well! That is wonderful.

I am also glad, although not equally, that you and Pirate Master have called it quits. Glad to hear you know where to draw the line.

a happier girl said...

Thanks to both of you.

Christy - You are the 2nd person to tell me to watch that So You Think You Can Dance. I'm beginning to think I'm missing out on something.

joy - It's sad when it takes fake British accents to make me draw the line. My DVR has really been catching some better programming for me too. That makes drawing the line easier too. Rescue Me is really good and I think I may be settled in to watching The Starter Wife. I'm even contemplating watching an episode of The Closer.

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