Things my husband has actually said to me

While seated next to me at the dinner table, “Since, you’re up could you bring me the ketchup.” He was closer to the kitchen, too. Space cadet. We like to race to sit down now so we can ask the other person to get stuff. It's another fun game we play.

“Sometimes I don’t really need to look at your face.” Spooning versus the frontward cuddle.

Laying next to me in bed, “What’d you say? I wasn’t listening. I was pretending I was wearing headphones.” He's convinced I only come up with things to talk about during The Shield. He's against mid-Shield chatter.

“Get away from me. You’re no good at cuddling anymore.” Mid cuddle. Followed by smothering me with hugs and kisses for ten more minutes.

Updated 6/28: Context provided for each of his comments. I forget not everyone lives with him and knows how insane he is. He's extraordinarily sweet. But moderately insane. Not one of his comments offended me. I'll save the offensive ones for another post. Just kidding. Kinda.


Jurgen Nation said...

Oh my God. I have to admit that I'm a new reader and I've been behind on blogs lately at that, so I'm not sure how to put this into context. These are terrible things to say to anyone, much less your spouse and even as a joke.

Please don't let anyone ever talk to you this way. :(

a happier girl said...

I promise every single one of his comments was a joke or him being intentionally absurd. Like the time he told me I was no good at cuddling anymore, he followed it up by smothering me with more hugs and kisses.

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