Let's all agree to avoid trying to implode my brain

If one more person needs one more thing from me I swear my brain will implode.

At home I’ve got shrieking children attached to my legs, three baskets of laundry to fold, my husband’s classwork to help with, letters to mail and paperwork to fill out. You know you’re feeling frazzled when you’re just happy you successfully got your car insurance paid before they charge you a late fee. That was my big accomplishment yesterday. Some people climb Mount Everest. I cross calling MetLife off my to do list.

At work, “the sky is falling” project is done but now I’m stuck trying to catch up on regular non sky is falling stuff. And I swear half of the free world thinks they have the world’s most important issue to discuss with me pretty much all day long. Which is insane because my job is normally exceptionally low key. It’s like I’ve teleported into someone else’s life.

One more phone call may send me over the edge. First my husband was calling needing social security numbers and credit card information. Then my dad wanted to discuss an upcoming business trip and some paperwork he needs. I realize I've been spacing out forgetting his paperwork for two weeks now. But bear with me, dude. It took me six weeks to return a phone call. That's gotta put the wait time on non essential paperwork at like eight weeks minimum at this point.

People don't seem to understand the current backlog that my staff and I are currently experiencing here at I'm About To Lose My Mind Headquarters. I should have my secretary issue a memo on that. My imaginary secretary that is. I will title the memo, "Stop needing things for the next two minutes or my head's going to implode."


In the Trenches of Mommyhood said...

Could I be your Vice President at I'm About to Lose My Mind Headquarters?
I make a mean coffee.

Nin said...

I love the fact that you have so much going on right now that screams for your attention, yet you still find the time to blog ;o)

heck why not, it's cathartic, lol!

I hope things get better for you soon!

Pinks & Blues Girls said...

Oh goodness... I feel your pain...

YOu sound like a Momma who knows how to do it all... maybe you could squeeze in a HOW TO GUIDE??


- Audrey
Pinks & Blues Girls

AMANDA said...

I need, I need, I need... that's what I hear ALL day long. It's enough to drive you crazy, so I feel your pain. It's worse than labor :)

mama without instructions said...

i am right there with you. right there with you.

a happier girl said...

I will gladly accept applications here at I'm About to Lose My Mind Headquarters. We're currently looking to fill positions in the areas of Backlog Reduction, Anti Whining Police, Laundry Folding, Laundry Putting Away, Phone Call Returning, Check Writing and Toy Picking Up. I'm going to make an exception and waive the application process for all of you because, quite frankly, I don't have time to read your applications. But since everyone seems so awesome I'm sure it will be fine. There's no salary and pretty much no benefits so I hope that won't be a problem.

And yes, I agree it is impressive that I find time to blog given the imminent head implosion. But then I find many things that I do impressive. For example, this morning I was at my desk at 6am. Wild.

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