Cute paper status report

Over the weekend, I allowed my three year old to assist me in cutting letters out of cute paper to make a "Happy Birthday" sign for her quickly approaching Pepto pink birthday celebration. First we printed giant letters on the printer. Then we cut them out and traced around them on the cute scrapbook paper. Then I cut them out while repeatedly explaining why Momma was the only one allowed to cut the cute paper. The soon to be four year old was unimpressed with my feeble explanations. But then she got distracted by a glue stick and some posterboard and the cute paper crisis was averted.

The letters turned out cute.

I'm not sure what we'll do with them yet. There's always the wall and some tape but that seems sort of blah. I'm blah 99.9% of the time but rarely on birthdays.

They didn't even take long to cut out. Mostly thanks to the glue stick and posterboard. But it didn't hurt that I picked a simple font either. Last year when I cut out zebra print letters for a zoo theme I stupidly picked a font with serifs. Holy cow that was dumb. Promise me you'll never try that.

My mother was lucky enough to witness the lettermaking live and in person. Shortly after I subjected her to a "should the pink swirl paper go before or after the hot pink stripes" discussion she mentioned that they sell signs at the store that say "Happy Birthday." She says some people buy them and hang them on the wall to celebrate. Isn't she cute? I know. I explained how much cuter my letters are. And they include my first born child's name which is way more fun. Because it's personalized. And homemade. And homemade letters = I love you. Duh.


lynnae @ from under the clutter said...

I came across your blog on StumbleUpon. Your letters are beautiful! I'm going to remember this idea when I decorate for my daughter's birthday party!

no way said...

What about cutting three long pieces of pink ribbon, then use a the glue gun to attach the letters to the seperate ribbons? Then hang them somewere and enjoy! (I'd draw it out for you, but alas, this medium prevents that.)

micpro said...

Super cute! And I must say, you have managed to put some 'pizazz' in 'pepto'... (Can't wait to see pictures of the cake!)

Chaotic Joy said...

Oh don't you just love cute paper. Much cuter than store bought indeed. And you are right "I Love You, Duh."

Tessie said...

Oh, I agree. I STILL have a construction paper card that my mom made for me as a kid with the letters "I LOVE YOU TESSIE" cut out.

a happier girl said...

lynnae - Thanks. I swear it's pretty easy if you go with an easy font.

no way - Funny you should mention ribbon. I actually got some to try to make a pennant type banner. Maybe I'll use some for the letters. Thanks for the idea!

micropro - Thanks. I'm still brainstorming cake ideas. Pink cake ideas of course.

joy - Thanks. It's all about the cute paper.

tessie - How sweet! I'm glad I'm not the only one that appreciates homemade.

Damselfly said...

"Homemade letters = I love you." Great! The letters are beautiful. Very creative.

Isn't your hand sore, though?! :)

a happier girl said...

I swear my hand doesn't hurt. It really didn't take that long. Honest. It's all in the font selection. Last year I stupidly picked a font with serifs and my hand was super cramped up the rest of the night. Dumb dumb dumb.

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