Dress shopping is practically therapy

It's strange to me that in the midst of recent gloominess my soon to be 4 year old's birthday is nearly here. It seems strange because time just keeps marching forward while I've been distracted. Not to mention blue. Two weeks ago I was busily crafting letters. Now I'm kind of off track and unsure of what's left to be done. I'm also unsure of what's left I actually care about getting done. I think maybe a little wind came out of my sails recently. For example, my mother asked me yesterday what day we'd be doing cake and presents since the soon to be 4th birthday falls mid-week. I said I didn't know. Normally I have these thing mentally planned out months in advance. Oh well.

I did manage to shop online for cute dresses. I don't normally shell out high dollar for my kid's clothes. I'm not tragically cheap or anything. It just annoys me that the clothes don't fit for long. It also chaps my hide when spaghetti falls right down the front. Having said that, I like a cute little something something for special occasions. Occasionally I even talk my daughter into wearing the cute little something something on the special occasion.

I love this dress very much. It's understated but cute and I'm thinking it could even do double duty as an Easter dress in the spring. Except they don't offer it in pink. I'm not sure why they even offer it in toddler sizes if they're not going to offer it in pink. Whatever. Gap didn't get the pink memo either. This dress is very, very cute. It's even on sale. However, the fact that it's $20 does not make it any less brown. My kid's not into brown.

Then I got a Mini Boden catalog in the mail and kinda sorta loved this fifties dress. I actually like it in blue. Mostly because I'm not three years old. Except, I'm sorry, does that say $56 dollars? That's crazy. Almost as crazy as the super cute hot pink funky duffle jacket I'm also sort of in love with. But, um, yeah, that coat's $88. No, really. $88. She'll wear it one year. I guess I could buy a size bigger and hope she can wear it two years, but I'm pretty sure it's a lot less cute when it's hanging off your kid like a tent. But it has toggle fasteners. Toggle fasteners are so cute they make me think I need at least nine more children just so I can completely surround myself with toggle fasteners.

No dress shopping for me would be complete without some Baby Lulu options. Ebay has always been very good to me for those as I'm too cheap to pay full price on them. I'm sort of partial to this one and this one. I'd also be willing to upholster my entire house in the English Tea line of fabrics. Baby Nay is also exceptionally cute. I'm sort of in love with their swing sets. I believe swing set is fancy baby clothes code for matching pants and shirt set. I'm torn trying to decide which one is the cutest ever. I love that this one has "Mod" in the title but this one actually comes in my daughter's size. Unfortunately, we're going to the zoo on her birthday and I can't figure out how I'd keep the seat of the pants from getting filthy. I feel that Baby Nay products may not be intended for use with zoo benches.

Although who says everything has to be zoo bench compatible. For example, this dress is so very, very pretty I'm willing to forgive and forget it's inability to withstand a zoo bench. For that matter, I'm almost willing to sell my first born child to be able to afford the $98 price tag. Except, if I sold my firstborn child to get the dress, who would be left to wear the dress. But you get the idea.


Sarah said...

Oh my! That last dress is really stunning! But no, it certainly wouldn't pass the zoo bench test. It does make me think of all kinds of delightful things though.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Damselfly said...

Ahhh. Maybe someday I'll have a little girl and I can go dress shopping too. Enjoy it!

Chaotic Joy said...

Oh I love dress shopping. In fact I was just doing the exact same thing and wanting to buy this dress http://tinyurl.com/38dm4c for my one yr old if she would ever learn to walk. (Crawlers don't like dresses).

Have fun, and please do post what you choose. I would love to know.

childlife said...

How could you not fall head over heels for a dress with both 'Versailles' and 'Tutu' in the title? And it's pink! Oh... right... $98.

a happier girl said...

Little girl clothes are a lot more fun that little boy clothes. Although now I feel obligated to pull out all the stops to find my son something extra cute for his birthday too.

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