Secure your scissors lest you pay the price

Sunday night, my very soon to be four year old walked up to me while I was reading and announced that she had cut her hair. She wasn't bald and I didn't immediately see any problems so I figured she was pretending to cut her hair. Much like she pretends to escape swarms of sharks by flinging herself on the imaginary boat that is our couch. Only then she handed me a lock of hair. And then she turned her head and I saw this:

I didn't even know what to say. It was 5pm on a Sunday. Talk about limited options. I figured I could even off the bottom with a pair of scissors but we trimmed her hair once before and it's thick. And she wiggles. And her birthday was 2 days away. I don't need any bad haircuts staring back at me in birthday photos for years to come. So I left the hack job just like that until Tuesday. And then we spent the morning at a hair salon. She went in looking something like this:

And here's the kid I brought home:

I know. Holy cow her hair looks better. The back looks fabulous too:

We were supposed to head to the zoo immediately afterwards. But the child was clearly having a good hair day. So I called my husband and told him she'd require an immediate trip to the nearest portrait studio to commemorate the event.

I can't believe I ever had the nerve to cut this child's hair straight across the bottom with my kitchen scissors. The overwhelming increased cuteness is practically exploding in people's faces when they see the new do.

And the scissors drawer will be getting a child proof lock. Because even though things worked out for the best this time, we all know a couple extra inches and the kid would've been stuck with a Dorothy Hamill do. I'm not prepared to help Dorothy Hamill tie her shoe laces for the next two months. Last night she was telling me how she cut her own hair the other day. Except all I heard was "I cut my hair." I nearly had a heart attack. Then I turned her head from side to side to check that the cutest haircut of her life was still intact.

Do yourself a favor and secure your scissors.


Shan said...

My five year old did exactly the same thing. Her hair has been long all of her life and after the scissor incident we had to cut above the shoulder. I was so upset, but afterwards I wished we had done it a long time ago. So much cuter and easier to maintain.

The hair cut is adorable.

some girl said...

OMG. She looks adorable! I loved this post.

P.S. Did you catch Dorothy Hamill on Larry King the other night? She STILL has cute hair. ;)

a happier girl said...

shan - Thanks. I guess the kid cutting the hair is very universal. I told several mothers the story the next day at work and every single one told me their own horror story. Like you, I wish we had done the haircut sooner now that I see how much better it looks. I guess things worked out for the best.

some girl - Thanks. And no I didn't see Dorothy Hamill on Larry King. That female still looks cute to this day. Older but still cute. I hope to have that same problem when I'm her age.

Liz said...

Wow! Glad it turned out so well. Adorable haircut and adorable pictures.

Ha ha--Dorothy Hamill. Been there myself--of course, I was a lot younger then. Thank goodness.

a happier girl said...

Yes, I have to admit that I had my own little Dorothy Hamill cut many years ago. I believe it resulted from taking the scissors to my hair myself. Perhaps someday I will post photos to prove it.

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