Finishing strong

I had jury duty today. I have to confess that upon leaving the house this morning, I briefly pondered how annoying it would be to get sequestered ala the OJ trial and screw up my NaBloPoMo run on the very last day. Thankfully, there was no sequestering. Just a 30 page questionnaire asking for my life story. Up to and including my favorite radio stations. Talk about random.

My favorite was the word association page though. The team of 8 attorneys at the front of the room waiting for our paperwork will no doubt enjoy that the first thing I thought of for "prosecutor" was "Law & Order." I barely restrained myself from mentioning Jack McCoy specifically. Although I showed no restraint whatsoever describing the death row related movies I've seen as, "The one with Tom Hanks and the one with Sean Penn." Then I sealed the deal on my brilliance and listed Survivor and Project Runway as two of my favorite television shows. Speaking of which, it's that time of the week again . . .

Project Runway: Sweet P's shirt was so jacked up it's a miracle she wasn't eliminated. Maybe the fact that she was on the winning team last week saved her. Although Carmen had no shirt. Having no shirt was especially funny after Jack came right out and said he was working on pants before a jacket because he didn't want to run out of time and have to send a model down the runway with a jacket and no pants. And Ricky is officially to Project Runway what Amber was to Big Brother. That would be "The Crier."

Survivor: I guess James was saving his immunity idols to hand out as door prizes at the office Christmas party. Otherwise it seems sort of stupid to cling to them like that. Surely he must realize there will eventually be physical immunity challenges he'd be heavily favored to win. So why not use the immunity idols to get past the challenges that aren't physical? And Erik needs to stop hanging out with Peih-Gee. Because he's awesome boy next door squared and she's abrasive.

America's Next Top Model: I don't care what the judges say. I like Jenah's sense of humor. I especially did not appreciate when Tyra flat out said they're looking for girls that are sweet and bubbly. Gag me. Sweet and bubbly is fine but why is that the only way you should be. You can be sarcastic and still be likeable. Sweet is a dime a dozen. Clever and funny is more interesting. Whatever. And Heather's still super stunning but rightfully eliminated. Lost is one thing. Wandering aimlessly another.

Amazing Race: Missed it. My DVR is smart but not smart enough to realize when football games run an hour long. I used to have it set to record Cold Case afterwards as a just in case measure during football season but I guess I forgot to reprogram that when my DVR got reset last month. I've read the recap though so I know Lorena and her non committal boyfriend got eliminated. They seem like nice people but oh, well. And I hope she doesn't spend the rest of her life waiting for him to marry her because when you're boyfriend gives a "marriage is confining" spiel on national television it means don't expect a ring for Christmas.


Anne (greenjello.typepad.com) said...

You did it!

Amy said...

See, you're smarter than me. The first thing that came to my mind when I read the word "prosecuter" was "fish."

I don't know why.

cupcake said...

So did you get selected?

Thanks for visiting my blog. And I'm with you on the commitmentphobe ex-American Racer. His girlfriend needs to head for greener pastures. Like, now.

Amy said...

When I read "prosecutor", I thought of what's her name from the OJ trial. Marsha something? Yeah, I have awesome memory skillz.

a happier girl said...

anne - I know! Yeah! Although I'm glad it's over. The well was seriously running dry.

amy - That's funny. I wonder what made you think of fish. Crazy.

cupcake - I actually don't know if I got selected! They took the massive questionnaires to review and then they call us back in smaller groups on a later day to question us more closely. It's a death penalty case so it's definitely going to trial. Yikes!

amy - Actually she crossed my mind too! Although I couldn't remember her name either. Too funny.

sarbear said...

project runway - every time the camera pans to ricky my husband is on "cry watch." he thinks it's so funny how much that guy cries. carmen drove me crazy, i think just because she reminded my of omarosa from the apprentice. heebie jeebies.

antm - i like jenah. i wanted her to win. i too was not happy with tyra's comments. i certainly don't look up to the bubbly cheery girls, nor do i want my children to idolize them. i'd rather see some sass.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. I was bummed Jenah got eliminated before Chantal. And Ricky is out of control with the crying. Cries when he's stressed. Cries when he's mad. Cries when he's happy. Cries when the model walks in the room. Dude, enough.

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