For the sake of the children

I hate my DVR today. Sunday night our power went off in the middle of the night. I didn’t particularly care that it reset my alarm clock and made me late for work Monday morning. Please. They're called leave hours. Let’s all use them together. And then let’s roll into the office several hours late eating a fresh bag of Cinnamon Twists from Taco Hell.

Last night, however, when I discovered that it seems to have messed up my DVR and caused me to miss America’s Next Top Model, I was highly annoyed. Technically it took me five minutes to believe it really happened. I continually went through the menus looking for my shows. I kept thinking I just went to the wrong place. Except there was nothing there.

On top of missing America’s Next Top Model, I also missed Tuesday night's season finale of Damages. My husband, who’s been half watching all season, opted to actually watch that episode. When I mentioned that I missed it, he made a point of telling me how good it was. This from the guy that only understands the plot because I explained all the parts he missed with his back turned to the screen. But he saw the finale and not me. Is it Opposite Day and I didn't get the memo?

Monday night I reprogrammed all my shows after discovering the power outage had erased the DVR recordings. I remember prying the remote from my husband’s hand during halftime of Monday Night Football. He kept explaining the importance of the half time show and I kept explaining how it wouldn’t bother me if he missed the third quarter entirely.

The power didn’t go off again after that. So there’s no explanation for the reset DVR. This is disturbing. The DVR is my friend. I love the DVR. I do not want to hate the DVR. The DVR makes me happy. I don’t want to leave the DVR. We’re just going through a rough patch. Trust will be an issue in our relationship moving forward but we can get through this.

We're going to try to work things out. For the sake of the kids and my moderate addiction to reality television. I’ve reprogrammed the DVR again and I’m giving it one more chance. Damages and America’s Next Top Model both have reruns later in the week. I’ll catch those and we’ll put this behind us. Because forgiveness is part of any loving relationship. Although, if it makes me miss Survivor tonight that DVR is dead to me. I will take it for a long drive into the desert and there will be a hole already dug when we get out of the car if you know what I mean.


Christy said...

Ever since we moved I have been missing my shows left, right and center! I can't stand it. I can't use our DVR cause it isn't hooked up properly yet. I need a normal life again.

Hope you got yours all figured out.

I know you can hear me... said...

NOTHING...ok, almost nothing...makes me crazier than finding out that my power flickered and I missed having shows recorded on my DVR.

I hope you didn't miss Survivor!

a happier girl said...

Don't worry. I saw Survivor. The DVR is still not working but I managed to watch the clock and turn on the television on time. Crisis averted. However, someone at the cable company is getting an earful about my still not working DVR bright and early Monday morning.

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