Milking a camel is harder than it looks and other lessons for the week

I spent the morning doing some damage at Target. No crowd, thank you very much. Then I came home and shopped online a little more. I'm forced to shop online and occasionally talk to my children because there's next to nothing on television this week. And by next to nothing I mean, Mark Burnett and his stupid Survivor recap episode can go take a flying leap because we all know it's nothing but filler. I'll try to muddle through my weekly television recap the best I can.

Amazing Race: I felt bad for that chick milking the camel. Not the one that actually kept her cool and ended up getting eliminated. The one that's a spaz and fell to her knees weeping. I mean, who hasn't gotten a little overwhelmed and flipped out. Except she's got cameras there to catch it. I've generally had the good fortune to do my flipping out alone in the car. It usually involves rambling incoherently into my cell phone about chicken nuggets. Or you know, the color of the sky. It's called overtired, girlfriend. Get some rest.

America's Next Top Model: Does Jenah not own a hairbrush? It's hard to consider her a contender when she arrives at panel every week with a rat's nest on her head. And Heather was just as awful as I thought she'd be in the Cover Girl commercial. Although, dude, she's crazy pretty.

Project Runway: Close call for my new best friend, Christian. What was he thinking with that 80s Robert Palmer video retro madness? Even the ripped dress crazy lady had a better outfit than him. The sleeves of her dress were actually so pretty they made me want to wear them everyday for the rest of my life. Unless they make your arms look fat. Model arms never look fat. But real girl arms could. I'm just saying.


McQuestionable2 said...

I completely agree with your America's Next Top Model thoughts. Heather's CoverGirl picture looked like Evangeline (sp?) Lily from Lost. It's like she's a different person through the cameras eye!

a happier girl said...

Yes! Her Cover Girl photo was so pretty it was ridiculous. Even while she was stumbling through the words of the commercial, she at least looked stunning.

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