On Demand is a tease

My husband and I occasionally lay in bed together late at night and contemplate watching a movie. Many is the time we've perused the On Demand selections our Verizon service has to offer. Sadly, the On Demand pay per view movies suck even more than Verizon's customer service.

For example for the low, low price of $3.99 you too can relive 1987 and watch Three Men and a Baby. I can't figure out who's paying $3.99 to watch that in 2007. And more important, what on Earth is wrong with their life? If you have On Demand you clearly have cable. There's gotta be something better on somewhere.

Last night, the heavens parted and Reno 911 The Movie was listed among the On Demand selections. We're not under the illusion that's an instant classic but we were just excited to see a name we recognized and the movie was from this century. However, then the On Demand feature didn't work. It was like the rug being pulled out from under us. We'd even popped popcorn and turned the lights off in preparation.

My crestfallen husband announced he was going to Blockbuster. This is unheard of. Generally neither of us can be bothered to get up and get dressed. Mostly we end up talking about movies we'd like to see and watching Law and Order reruns. As a testament to the truth of this statement, it's worth mentioning that Blockbuster had no record of us when he attempted to check out last night. I guess they deleted our account sometime in the 2 years since we lasted rented a movie.

After opening a new account, my husband finally returned home with The Bourne Supremacy and Borat. When I asked him which one he wanted to watch first he started to vote for The Bourne Supremacy. He really wanted to see it. Borat was my choice. But then the wheels started turning in his head and he announced we could watch Borat. He confessed that he figured I fall asleep 45 minutes into every movie we watch so he'd just switch to The Bourne Supremacy when I fell asleep. That sounds so married. And sorta lame.

I couldn't keep my eyes open at 41 minutes in. I guess I'm both married and sorta lame. But my sweet husband brought home Hot Tamales for me from the Blockbuster and watched The Bourne Supremacy with headphones on so he wouldn't keep me awake. So I think I'm okay with married and sorta lame. Although I could have done without the "I told you so."


I know you can hear me... said...

I haven't seen Borat, but you should definitely watch The Bourne Supremacy -- it's a great thrill movie. And Matt Damon is yummy!

caroline bender said...

dump the ondemand and get Netflix (or the B'buster version). some people say it wrecks the "what are you in the mood for" aspect of movie choosing, but you wouldn't end up with a Steve Gutenberg movie.

a happier girl said...

i know - I like Matt Damon too. He's a little short but since I don't have to stand next to him I don't let that bother me. His smile is very pretty. I plan to eventually watch The Bourne Supremacy.

caroline - We always thought we didn't watch enough movies to make Netflix worth the money. But now I'm not so sure. Especially if they arrive in the mailbox. I like anything that gets delivered to my door.

Christy said...

I doubt I would have made it that far in, so I am impressed. I think I have just completely given up on watching movies...unless it is animated of course.

a happier girl said...

I was amazed I lasted that long either. I think it was mostly trying to prove my husband wrong and stay awake for the whole thing.

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