My husband should learn to brainstorm better

On my way to the bathroom this afternoon I told my husband I needed a topic to write about for my NaBloPoMo post for today. I gave him until I got out of the bathroom to brainstorm. All he came up with was football. So in a way, that kinda makes it his fault I'm going to have to write about him today. Here he is making out with Ike:

He and Ike were laying on the bed resting after a busy morning painting half of the wall in our master bathroom:

In his defense the other half of the wall will have wainscoting and I love the shade of brown he picked. It coordinates nicely with the tile he successfully grouted over the last three months. Unfortunately there's still no toilet, sink or shower in there. But honestly, it's only been 10 1/2 months. These things take time.

Besides painting half a wall this morning, he also accompanied me to a children's resale store where we purchased this ridiculous coat for the newest 4 year old:

It's odd that I once shopped for a lovely Mini Boden coat with toggles and somehow ended up with this wacky Cruella Deville on Pepto number. But it was $10 and it makes my husband and I laugh out loud. I also knew the newest 4 year old would love it. I have radar for things she'll love. Before I had kids I used that radar to identify things I would never be caught dead in. Now I use it to clothe my child. I think the hat really gives it something extra. So does a grown man wearing it:


childlife said...

So I was scrolling down reading this post and doing just fine... until I see the photo of your husband in that hat. What with the expression on his face and all... the sudden outburst of laughter just about gave me an aneurysm.

...The hat seems to work pretty well as a brainstorming device!

witchyppo said...

I have a picture of me when I was ten. I had a purple coat and a red hat. Who knew I was a Red Hatter long before they came into being.
She may shrivel with embarrasment when she is older to see this, but when she is much older, will say that she was cool beyong belief.

smizzo said...

LOL, I am thinking you should post about your husband everyday for the rest of the month. :)

Staci Schoff said...

It's a good husband who lets you post a picture of him in that hat on the internet!

Laura said...

LMAO - love the last photo!


Shan said...

Love the coat, almost as that picture of your husband.

I know you can hear me... said...

Love the coat - but the hat on your husband definitely takes the prize!

Damselfly said...

Husbands. Great blog fodder.

I say if you can't wear a coat like that at 4, when will ya?! ;) Cute!

a happier girl said...

childlife - He makes for very good blog fodder.

witchyppo - Yep. I remember having clothes that made me feel like a rock star too. Which is exactly what made me buy it. She absolutely loves the coat.

smizzo - Now there's an idea! I'll be sure to tell him he has a fan club developing!

staci - I know! He's a very, very good sport. He also has a great sense of humor. Both of those qualities rank high on the long list of things I love about him.

laura, Shan and I know - Thanks! I think pink is my husband's color.

damselfly - Right! If I were 4 I'd want to wear that coat too. I try to remember stuff like that when I shop for her. Although agreeing to be seen in public with Cruella Deville is pretty crazy.

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