Awesome doesn't need a bullhorn

I love people that think the world revolves around them. Like that person at your work that wants to tell you that everything that happens anywhere is a direct result of some action on their part. And they have whole narrative explanations to spew at you just in case you're not aware of the direct correlation between them and the parting of the Red Sea last week.

Today, I got cornered by a coworker who proceeded to explain to me for the third time in a week how they are in fact the greatest thing since sliced bread. I don't have a problem with people being awesome. Because if you are, that's cool. Way to be. I just think it's unlikely you need to tell people quite that often. Because if you're awesome, people know. Awesome generally doesn't need a bullhorn to announce its presence.

What does need a bullhorn however is feigned excitement over mediocre ideas. Because otherwise the higher ups might not know that you think they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. And it's important they know that. Everyday. Go, team! At least they served cookies during all the sucking up today. I'm in favor of mandatory refreshments for all meetings that last over 30 minutes. Refreshments with a high fat and sugar content are preferred. And it'd be nice if there was icing involved. But I'm flexible. And I'll handle the publicity.


Leigh said...

I understand, I can deal with a lot if icing is involved, especially buttercream!

Ree said...

You can have my icing, but I love the cake part. ;-)

Seriously, I just had to be the bullhorn in a very scripted employee awards announcement. There's cake outside my office even as we speak.

And everything you said is true, but some management does pay attention. The guy I was awarding always deflects the praise onto others. One of the reasons he got the award.

Amy W said...

We have sucking up all the time at my job...last week I was told I needed to make my manager look good..by her manager. Nice.

a happier girl said...

leigh - I'm all about the buttercream! My husband never understands the importance of stressing that you want buttercream when you buy a cake!

ree - I will gladly take the icing off your hands. People that deflect praise are priceless. Not even joking. They're so rare. I'm glad your deflecting guy got recognized.

amy - Nice. I like that her manager came right out and told you that.

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