I am packing tape. Hear me roar.

Dude. Wanna hear something funny? I signed up for Blog365 back in December. It's like NamBloPoMo except 12 times longer because you're supposed to post everyday. That's crazy. It boggles the mind that I thought I could do that. I didn't mention to anyone that I signed up for it either. Subconsciously I must have known I was full of crap. 10 days in I proved my subconscious right. I suffered a complete power failure inside my head and couldn't think of a single thing I wanted anyone else to read. So I watched Project Runway instead. And then I took 4 days off to reboot my brain. What on Earth was I thinking?

Speaking of Project Runway, how much do you want to bet Christian's prom dress girl thinks to this day there was nothing wrong with the way she behaved. Like it's okay to be demanding and difficult and potentially get someone eliminated. We're talking about a stupid prom dress versus someone's life dream. So get over yourself. No one thought it was cute or funny. We all just thought you were annoying. Because Christian is my new best friend and I'm not prepared to let you and all your freaky demands for lace ruin it for him.

Whatever. I'd love to write more, but tomorrow morning I've got an early rendezvous with several colleagues to think outside the box again. I'm so outside the box I'm the packing tape holding the freaking thing together. Ideas are practically oozing out my pores at this point. Unfortunately, I have several colleagues that are the human equivalent of grease in my pores and I'm all out of Stridex. I'll need a good night's rest to prevent me from flinging Dr. Pepper in their faces while they choke the life blood out of every good idea. Later!


no way said...

I, too, was mad at Christian's prom-goer. The end result made her look horrible-and it was well-deserved. The only downside to her looking bad was the fact that Christian was almost eliminated. I can't remember that beardy guy's name, but his dress was not as bad as Ricky's. Or maybe it's just that I'm sort of sick of Ricky and his mesh hat. Ugh.

sarbear said...

blog365 is insane. in.sane.

i wish i liked christian... i just kinda want to slap him sometimes. as annoying as "maddie" was, i really hope that christian will humble himself down with the rest of the dezigners (as tim would say). (do you hate me now?)

coworkers equaling grease in your pores and you needing stridex... that line should earn you an oscar... or an emmy... or some other golden statue. pure fabulousness.

Leigh said...

Blog 364, crazy idea! But, if anyone can do it and do it well, it would be you!

Jessica said...

I love that you love Christian!! He's actually from my hometown (Annapolis, MD) and worked at the hair salon I went too for years. He's hillarious and has been that outspoken, full-of-himself, teetering on the verge of self-centered rockstar since he was 15. I'd love to see him get into the top 3 but maybe not win the whole sha-bang - b/c none of the designers who have won thus far have done jack-squat.

He's not humble but he does have an eye for fashion, and anyone that can make a gorgeous dress out of reeces cup wrappers is tops in my book!!

a happier girl said...

no way - You need to get off my wavelength. Because I totally thought she deserved the horrible dress too! And, I was all set to hate Ricky's dress just because of his inability to go even one episode without crying. Although the bearded guy Kevin's dress was nothing to write home about either.

sarbear - I know! It's so crazy. Although Ree at The Hotfessional.com is still going strong. She's much more prolific than me. And funnier. Go her. And I think almost getting eliminated is going to bring Christian down to Earth so maybe he'll win you over now.

leigh - Seriously, you're sweet. Thanks!

jessica - Not only did I like the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup dress alot - he totally whipped it out fast too. Remember how he finished way before everyone else? Love Christian. I want him to come to my house and watch Dirty Dancing with me. We'll eat Skittles and drink Big Red soda. It'll be awesome. BFF!

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