I have front row seats for Princess-palooza

The newest 4 year old just came by to show me a strand of tinsel garland. She says she's going to wear it when she marries the prince and goes to live at the castle. I think I may have thrown up a little in my mouth. And part of me may or may not have wanted to stab my eyes out.

I wasn't built to feign interest in princess crap. Which is most likely why the newest 4 year old had never seen a Disney princess movie until Monday. But her father decided it was time to start Princess-palooza so he screened Cinderella while I was at work. There has been much discussion about Prince Charming ever since. And much leveraging of the movie. Gee, you'd like to watch Cinderella? Huh, I seem to recall seeing clothes on the floor in your bedroom.

Although, quite frankly, we've got keeping the bedroom clean under control. Someone who shall remain nameless told the newest 4 year old that Santa likes you to keep your room clean. She even explained that Santa can come back and get the princess dress he delivered if he finds out your room is messy. Ok. And I might have told her we have Santa's phone number and we're not afraid to use it. Whatever. Nothing to see, people. Move along.

At least there were no eye stabbing thoughts while I was at work today. Which is surprising since I was trapped behind closed doors for many hours with my coworkers while we attempted to "think outside the box." When we were done with that we attempted to reinvent the wheel. I love meetings. No really. I do.

The New Year New Me is attempting to fine tune her plans for the year. I think I've narrowed my goals to:

1. Rid the house of anything that isn't useful or beautiful
2. Prep house to be sold or rented
3. Spend less time contemplating stabbing my eyes out
4. Shrink. Preferably my butt.
5. Find a better bath pillow
6. Exercise

I might paint my toe nails too. With glitter polish. Because glitter polish is the equivalent of sprinkles on your donut and I'm all about sprinkles. I'll have to see if I feel sprinkle-y. I'll keep you posted.


Leigh said...

This is just too humorous. The visual of Princess Palooza has me rolling!

Keep us updated on the your sprinkle-y attitude!

Childlife said...

Love your list! Saved me the trouble of writing my own - LOL!

Glitter nail polish, huh? Sounds tinsely - you can color coordinate with the princess for the wedding ; )

Queen Bee Missi said...

Love that Santa threat...wish my kids would fall for it!!

Love your list, in my mind I want to do the exact same things, I am just a bit too lazy I think.....

a happier girl said...

Oh, believe you me I'm lazy too. I just seriously need to make a change. And the Santa threat has been effective but I'm very skeptical about how long it can work once we take the Christmas tree down. And what if she stops liking the princess dress and doesn't care if Santa comes to get it. What are we supposed to do then? Yikes!

Jerseygirl89 said...

I cured the Prince Charming thing with a book called "Princess Smartypants." I highly recommend it.

a happier girl said...

I like the sound of any book capable of curing this Prince Charming infatuation. I will add it to my next Amazon order forthwith. Thanks!

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