I meet therefore I am

I started the week feeling pretty peppy only to slowly peeter out. Mainly because work has been so very, very busy. The moment I walk in the door there are things to do and people that require my attention. Many is the meeting I've sat through. Many is the hand I've been required to hold. Monday morning I came into work and headed straight into meetings. I didn't even get to check my email until after lunch. Which is the equivalent of totally leaving me hanging. Because if there's one thing you learn as you get promoted, it's that if the sky is falling it's going to be accompanied by no less than 47 emails documenting how and where things fell apart and what needs to be done. And at least 7 of those emails will be someone trying to deflect blame or otherwise push "the sky is falling" problem on someone else.

Technically, I planned to take today off to take care of some personal errands except I discovered a need for my presence specifically on a teleconference early this morning. I had to stay a little late yesterday just to coordinate the teleconference. When coworkers gave me a hard time for being at work a little later than usual I mentioned I had a matter on my desk that makes me want to stab my eyes out repeatedly. Which is worse than just wanting to stab my eyes out once but significantly less severe than something that makes me want to fling myself head first into a woodchipper. The hierarchy of things that torture my soul is a complicated business.

Tomorrow I have two meetings on my calendar but I have high hopes to disappear to parts unknown after lunch. I'll be so completely un-peppy by then it'll be hard to not scrap running errands and just head home for a bubble bath. Which is relaxing but not especially productive and I've got stuff to do, people! I've got appointments to make! Paperwork to fill out! A small child in need of a kindergarten! What kind of mother puts off kindergarten hunting to sit in a stupid teleconference? Someone's going to come to my house and take that child away and give her to a mother capable of getting her act together!

And I will be sad. Although I'll probably be sad while sitting in a meeting. Because if a tree falls in the forest and there's no one there to meet to discuss it, the tree didn't really fall and you are a liar for saying it did and you better figure out a way to get the alleged uprooted tree back in the ground no later than the close of business today. I meet therefore I am.


Caroline Bender said...

re: "if the sky is falling it's going to be accompanied by no less than 47 emails documenting how and where things fell apart and what needs to be done."

I am so jealous that you guys document stuff. My workplace, someone would say, "does anybody remmeber how the sky got up there in the first place? when was that? Sky 2.0? Anybody..?" ;o)

Jenny said...

Can you also imagine the meetings and task forces that would have to be formed to put the uprooted tree back in the ground? Then a follow up task force to push it back over, because really that is where it belonged...

no way said...

As for the kindergarten business, I'm interested to hear how it pans out. Just looking for preschools is a real kick in the butt, it seems, and I can't get my act together to call the last two I need to visit.

I hope you write about your decision. Good luck with the meetings!

Anonymous said...

Wait, you don't bring a laptop to the meetings and every few minutes pretend that you are typing a quick note pertaining to the meeting when in fact you are replying to email where someone is trying to deflect the blame for the sky falling onto you or trying to coordinate your search for a kindergarten?
How... polite of you. ;)

a happier girl said...

caroline - That's seriously funny! We've actually had some escapades where everything was via phone because no one was willing to put anything in writing. And they even came right out and said that.

jenny - The task force to push it back over is too funny. Love it. Lived it.

no way - Thanks. It's a stressful process. I've already reached the point that I can't wait to be done.

twithhoney - Too funny! It is very polite of me, isn't it! Although not having a laptop helps. Maybe they intentionally don't give us laptops because they know they hold too many meetings and we'd all start doing that.

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