Effortless is awesome but hand holding isn't

Yesterday was a good day. I told my husband that while I sat in the garage eating a sandwich for dinner while we watched the kids play in the driveway. I got a pretty good night’s rest. Everyone got up and out the door in the morning without screaming. Work was good. Traffic was light. And then we spent the evening washing the cars in the driveway. I even vacuumed. The kids drew chalk on the front window and rode their bikes. It was so peaceful and easy it was the sort of evening that makes you wish your entire life felt like that. Effortless. But sweet and familiar.

And then you go to work the next morning, and there are stacks of things to do, meetings to attend, training to make you want to kill yourself and not a moment to breath. Somedays, being busy is awesome. But somedays, when you need to call the doctor’s office and fill out some insurance paperwork, it's less awesome. In fact, it's kind of frustrating.

It's also above average frustrating when you already have a lot to do and then you discover people that need you to hold their hand every step of the way in order to get them to do their job. I don't have a problem showing people how to do things. And I don't mind explaining things either. But people who just lack the confidence to make decisions for themselves just annoy me. If I have to babysit you, it makes me think I don't need you. Which is harsh but real. And I like to keep it real. Don't pretend you're valuable if it takes two people to do your job. And, also, don't bother asking why you didn't get an award while everyone else did.

I'm off to hold more hands. If I have time, I may pretend to care too. Just kidding. Sort of. Oh, whatever.


Angie said...

Played outside? Chalk on the driveway? No fair! (I am a teacher and loathe that phrase but it is totally called for here.) We are under an ice storm warning. Seriously. Ice storm. Just great.

Childlife said...

Sounds like a great evening! (Especially in contrast to the workplace hand-holding... yick.) You could always have a meeting to discuss the situation : )

a happier girl said...

angie - I know! We had a burst of lovely weather. But I swear we were back in coats by the next day!

childlife - Very true! I'm going to start calling meetings with my husband to discuss theses things! He'll be so thrilled.

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