The driveway counts

Yesterday I took my daughter to meet up with the no show birthday girl from two weeks ago. Chuck E. Cheese again. Believe it or not, we had a really good time. Me, too. I almost didn't want to leave. Except they don't serve Dr. Pepper so I totally couldn't live there. But visiting is acceptable.

It probably didn't hurt that I left my 18 month old at home with his father this time. And that the birthday girl actually showed up. Apparently she had 104 fever last time and her mother attempted to call me. I forgave and forgot. Especially since I'm notoriously bad about getting calls and/or messages on my cell phone. Turns out she left me a message but I'm an idiot and routinely leave my cell phone at home on the weekends. Sucks to be me.

I sat with the birthday girl's mom and another kid's mom while the kids played. We chatted about kids for 4 hours. I'm not saying they're my new best friends. But they were really nice. So I hugged them when I left. I think that means I could use some lady friends.

I was going to make fun of going to Chuck E. Cheese again. Mostly the fact that for once I left the house alone with a kid without wanting to stab my eyes out. Except I just watched Jon and Kate Plus 8 and they were flying from Pennsylvania to Utah with their 8 small children and the plane got delayed 3 hours and they had to get through security and a million potty breaks and screaming kids everywhere you looked. I laughed the whole time until Kate broke down crying on the tarmac in Idaho after their plane got rerouted because of weather. And then I just felt like an ungrateful whore. It took 12 hours traveling with 8 kids to make her break down crying and I complain about the freaking Chuck E. Cheese. Someone save me from myself.

I swear we're going to leave the house more. Although, for the record, I really think going in the driveway should count as leaving the house.


Happy Working Mom said...

I saw that last night and it made me want to shoot myself! I contemplate vacations and I only have 2!! I would never leave to go on an airplane with that many little kids...are they freaking nuts???

Jerseygirl89 said...

This is why I had to stop watching Jon & Kate - it made me feel too bad about myself.

And I totally think playing in the driveway counts as leaving the house.

Childlife said...

Oh, the driveway completely counts! Plus it has the added benefit of not having to wrestle screaming, writhing balls of WAHHHH!!!! into five-point harnesses ; )

Ree said...

I can't even get myself through security and delays without crying!

Debbie said...

I'm with everyone else-the driveway counts. Heck, on a bad day playing in the garage counts! And as much as I adore Jon and Kate, they are certifiably insane to even attempt PA to UT with 8 kids!

Shan said...

Glad you had fun. And yes the driveway counts!

a happier girl said...

happy working mom - I know. When they said they were going to Utah I immediately assumed they were driving because 2 on an airplane is enough to make you lose your mind.

jerseygirl - Yeah, I've had the show make me feel like a loser for being such a complainer. But I'm telling you when Kate described wanting her kids to experience everything they can regardless of the stress and fatigue it causes her and Jon I teared up. I felt inspired to try to do better.

childlife - Yes! I love that it doesn't involve strapping anyone in.

ree - I know! They had to get all 5 kids through security. That included taking off everyone's shoes! It was madness!

debbie - Excellent point about the garage. I should totally count that too!

shan - Thanks!

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