Bringing in reinforcements

My kitchen sink has been overflowing with dishes for two days now. I finally called in the JV cleaning squad to help:

They tend to use too much water but they work cheap. I'd like to say they have a future career in the domestic arts but it's worth mentioning that they got distracted several times shooting water at the ceiling with the sprayer and they dropped an entire roll of paper towels into the water. On the other hand, at least no other areas of the house got any messier while they were working.

After dishes, we emptied the trash and dragged a week's worth of garbage to the curb in the kid's wagon. Then we loaded the washing machine. Then we fed the dogs. Then we got ready for bed. And then we all wondered how much longer until Daddy gets home.


Shan said...

I have a similar cleaning squad at my house. They aren't great, but I can pay them in cookies, so it evens out.

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Childlife said...

It's all about containing the chaos - LOL! If you can keep them in one place for fifteen minutes, you're way ahead on the cleaning game :)

Hope the rest of the time passes quickly... we don't like those "Daddy's out of town" times much either. Hang in there.

a happier girl said...

shan - Yes, my squad accepts payment in the form of cookies and candy so I'm pretty satisfied.

childlife - Yes! I'm all about activities taht contain them! This one kept them busy for like 30 minutes. I may start doing it everyday. Although then they'll no doubt decide they hate it and refuse to touch a dish ever again!

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