Subject matter expertise isn't always a good thing

My car is out of the shop and I'm told good as new. It's the weekend and my husband hasn't gone out of town again yet. And I've done enough laundry that everyone has clean panties on. It's great to be alive. So great I'm returning to my weekly reality television wrap up!

American Idol: I can't believe I'm watching this show. I got suckered in by the Australian guy's version of Bohemian Rhapsody several weeks ago. Now I keep fast forwarding through Paula and Ryan while I wait for him to be that good again. This week was pretty good. But I'm trying to decide if I want David Cook or the blond girl to win. For about a minute I thought the kid David Archuleta might have a chance but the theater park crap this week on top of forgetting the words to a Beatles song has sealed the deal for me that he won't. Or shouldn't? I don't know. I like him but I'm not a fan. Although I'd totally let him date my daughter. Kid seems sweet. And for the record, I like the original version of God Bless the USA. I didn't realize it before but I now realize that I like the original enough that it's one of those songs I don't really think anyone else needs to try unelss they can add something unique to actually make it better. Just like I heard a cover of Bridge Over Troubled Water on the radio the other day and I kinda sorta thought America should beat that person up for thinking it was okay to try that song. Whatever.

America's Next Top Model: Am I the only one that knew Aimee would be leaving soon when she expressed a reluctance to take her clothes off for a photo shoot? Kiss of death. That and being larger than a size 6. But the real story of this episode was how to be exceptionally self absorbed with Dominique as our subject matter expert. She demonstrated that it doesn't matter if you sleep in the same room with 10 other girls. Because it's nobody else's business if you want to set your alarm clock a full hour early everyday and let it go off repeatedly until you decide to get up. To hell with the other girls that might want to sleep. If I lived with that chick, the plug on that alarm clock would "accidentally" fall out of the wall several times a day. She'd keep finding the numbers flashing and be wondering if the power went off. If that didn't fix the problem, the clock would just disappear entirely only to magically reappear the next morning in the freezer. And her on the phone with her mom getting all self righteous crying about how everyone is against her was too classic. I also love that she talks about herself in the third person.

Big Brother: Chelsia wears too much makeup and I'm not sad she's gone. And I cannot believe Natalie won HOH. Although I find it amusing because I'm sure it makes her and her alliance feel like everything goes their way so the fallout will be especially good when things eventually stop going their way.

Survivor: Wherefore art thou, Survivor? Stupid old March Madness. Is The Office with you? I miss you both. Return to me. I'll leave the light on.


Kritter Krit said...

I like Brooke, but I want David Cook to win. Seriously, that note he held at the end of the song last week. He held it for like a month, and then still he went UP an octave at the end. His tone is amazing. His hair is not. ...But he still should win. He won't though because 95% of the voting demographic is under the age of fourteen. And they all think David Archuletta is just dreamy. The high-pitched pre-pubescent squeals when he walks out on stage - holy crikies, it's enough to make you go spontaneously deaf.

Dominique. Oh, my. In pictures she can pull it together most of the time. In person, yeeeeeikes. Drag Queen-o-licious. And the alarm thing - I would have to whack her. Repeatedly. With her alarm clock. You can only do that sort of thing when you live by yourself.


Okay. So I've written a novel on Reality TV People. Nice.

carosgram said...

I gave up on Americal Idol when Daughtry was eliminated a couple of years ago. I'm watching Make Me a Supermodel instead of ANTM. Top Chef is my Wednesday show. I guess we are just watching different reality shows this year. Oh, well. At least I'll know what's happening on yours by reading the blog.

Kritter Krit said...

Yeah, the Daughtry thing blew my mind too. I remember sitting there with my mouth hanging open for a ridiculously long time. But it ended up being the best thing for him. He was free to pursue whichever path he wanted to. And he didn't have to sing that cheesy "Do I Make You Proud" song that they always write for the final two. Oh, man, can you imagine? (I'm having trouble picturing David Cook singing one of those songs too. But then, he made "Billy Jean" sound like Pearl Jam, so he can probably make anything work.)

Shan said...

After her little crack up I was happy to see Chelsia go too. Then I was hoping "anybody but Natalie". Her and her boobs annoy me beyond belief.

I miss The Office too.

Trenches of Mommyhood said...

We totally watch the same shows. I like David Cook (Idol), Claire (ANTM), Sharon (BB) and James (Survivor).

a happier girl said...

kritter - Yeah, I like David Cook alot. Did you see he got a haircut finally? So glad. That hair was like 90s retro ugly or something. And I had no idea girls thought David Archuletta was dreamy. I mean he's not ugly but he looks so young. Or maybe I'm just old and out of touch. And, yes, Dominique does have an odd Drag Queen vibe going. A selfish Drag Queen vibe but a Drag Queen vibe nonetheless.

carosgram and kritter - I remember Chris Daughtry getting eliminated! I barely watched that season but started to get interested because of him. I remember it was Elvis week the week he got eliminated. I thought he was so good and figured he was going to win the whole thing. My jaw dropped when he got eliminated. And then I couldn't be bothered to watch the rest of the season because it all seemed too random if he could be eliminated.

shan - I know. I loved the next episode where Natalie explained all the signs that told her she was going to win that week. She sees signs in everything. And she never seems to notice when her signs are wrong.

trenches - We do don't we! I like David and Claire too. Sharon's very sweet and seems so much brighter than the other competitors. I figure they'll have to get rid of her soon because why would anyone want to go against her in the final 2? And I like James. He's a total stud in the challenges.

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