At least I have my DVR to keep me warm at night

My husband's home again. But, wait, he's leaving again tomorrow for 5 more days of training related stuff. Like I care what valiant cause takes him away. Inside my pea brain, you're either here with me in the trenches or your not. Although the trenches have been fairly pleasant today. We did bubbles outside followed by coloring with chalk. Then the 4 year old tucked me and her brother in for naps. Using her as my role model, I demanded to have my back rubbed and repeatedly asked questions every time she tried to leave the room. Good times! And there's always crappy reality television to keep me warm at night!

American idol: My favorite was the Australian guy. The kid was good but I like Dolly’s version better. I liked David Cook too but got a little distracted every time he sang the word sparrow. I love that the country genre which might on paper seem like the hardest for him ended up being a very good week for him. He’s talented. And, boy was that haircut overdue. He used to look all 1990s Goo Goo Dolls retro. He looks a lot better now that he joined us in 2008. And honestly, what is wrong with Syesha’s brain? I can’t figure out if she thought her version would be better than Whitney or Dolly’s. Surely she didn’t. And if she didn’t, then why do it? Because you’ll just end up looking second rate. Does everyone not agree Dolly and Whitney have I Will Always Love You pretty well covered? The only thing that surprised me on the elimination show was that she wasn't in the bottom three.

Big Brother: Ever since Josh made fun of Amanda’s dad killing himself, I’ve been sort of over him. So I’m not really sad he's gone. And I totally thought Sharon was going to win head of household. Or maybe I just wanted her to win so we wouldn't have to listen to Natalie explain why she's right over and over again for another week. I'm sure googley eyed Adam will continue to do her bidding so let's all wish James luck in the next veto competition.

America’s Next Top Model: I think the judges only eliminated Claire because it would be a surprise. There's no way they look at her and Lauren and think Lauren has a better modeling career ahead of her. No way. Claire's just as photogenic, can walk and has a better personality. Lauren walks like a horse. They claims they care about how you walk on the runway on this show so what's she still doing there? She not only doesn't work the runway, she doesn't even look normal. If she could just pretend she was walking through the grocery store she'd look better. Unless that's how she walks in the grocery store. Girlfriend stands no chance of winning. I'm getting concerned Anya may win though. But I'm rooting for Katarzyna. Her new haircut was super cute.

I realize Ozzy is a stud in challenges and when it comes to fishing. And I realize that’s kinda cool. But I’m really not into his personality. And by that I mean, where the hell is his personality? I’m sure he’s a nice guy but he’s not all that exciting to watch. But, again, totally respect the fact that he’s valuable to the team. I just feel like the game is headed down a long boring road where we’re going to watch everyone let Ozzy skate by. And Amanda lost to Todd last time because they saw her as nothing but his sidekick. So what did she learn from that? Find another guy to go to the final 2 with so you can lose again? Because let’s be honest, who wouldn’t vote for Ozzy. Finally, I think Fans vs. Favorites was a bad idea. The favorites have a big advantage already having done the show before. And they seem kind of full of themselves too. They're starting to annoy me. And it’s a miracle that ice cream scooper kid that slammed chest first into the platform doesn’t have any broken ribs. Holy cow, he hit that thing hard.

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Kritter Krit said...

Maybe the whole I-drink-my-breastmilk thing finally got to the judges.

Or, like you said, maybe they just wanted to pull a shocker. Send a message to the models: SEE, we kicked off Claire! Nobody's safe! Woooooooo.

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