The infestation continues but at least my son's clothing is in an actual dresser now

Dude. Lice suck. Thought I got them last week. Revisited them Sunday night. The joy never ends. Someday I will tell the story of the combing and the combing and never ending combing, combing, combing. I will also tell the story of how my husband thinks he has lice on his own head at least three times a day now but never seems to think my head could possibly contain any.

On the other hand, we did hit Ikea hard Sunday and come home with many fun new things. For example, an actual dresser or my son. He started his life with nothing but a closet to hold his stuff. Then he got a rolling thing my husband had made to use in the garage. It had giant drawers and sort of matched the floor in his room so we kinda liked it. But the kid’s getting bigger and the drawers aren’t ideal for tiny fingers without adult supervision. Since I can’t supervise the entire free world we bought him something less likely to bite his hand off and swallow it whole. It’s nice. Mainly because it’s shiny and new. And there’s lots of room to grow as my friend, organizer Peter Walsh, would say.

We even bought our 2 year old a bed. While crusing through the bed section he pointed to the twin beds and said he wanted one. Me, in one ear and out the other. My husband, soft and mushy after a week away from the kids. Next thing you know we bought that kid a toddler sized bed. Seriously. Whatever.

We never did a toddler bed with our daughter. Partially because her brother was on the way when she moved to a bed but also because I didn’t understand the point of shelling out for a toddler bed. I know you can reuse the crib mattress but they’re going to need a twin sized bed in a few years anyway. So why not buy the twin sized bed, slap a kiddie rail on it and skip the toddler bed frame expense? This makes perfect sense if your husband says you are never endingly cheap which my husband does. But I don’t care because it’s practical. Although now my practical self is co-owner of a cute toddler sized bed.

At least I convinced my husband not to let that kid escape the crib for another 2 weeks. Because my husband is going out of town yet again and no one’s allowed to emancipate kids from their crib and then up and leave the city limits. Holla.


THE QUEEN V said...

Holla! You got that right. And yes, LICE SUCK! We haven't had any in a few years (knocking hard on the nearest wood!), but with four kids we've had our share and I still have post traumatic stress over it.

Debbie said...

Holla! Seriously. What is it with men? Mine was complaining from Vegas tonight about having to send out his laundry. How about having NO working washer and dryer (new set to be delivered some time this century), 2 children under 3, and no family in the area to babysit whilst I laundromat it. Seriously! Fun times!
I so covet the Ikea. Some day I will make a pilgrimmage to one, but I think the closest one is 6 hours away!

Childlife said...

So sorry you're still battling those creepy little crawlies :(

And I'm with you on the crib thing... I fully plan on leaving ours in there as long as he's showing no interest in climbing out of it. What is the point of inviting more chaos to the morning?

Kritter Krit said...

Ah, IKEA, how I long to walk within your fabulous walls. (Turns out Arkansas is one of, like, TWO states that doesn't have one. What's up with THAT? Hillbillies like cool dressers too!)

I totally understand the "no emancipation from the crib" thing. My three year old has yet to be emancipated from hers. Partly because there's not another one behind her, needing it. But mostly because she doesn't seem to know she can get out of it, and therefore, sleeps blissfully 'til 8:45.

WOO HOO. I may leave her in there 'til middle school!

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