Things you don't tell your coworkers but you happily post on the internet

Everytime I try to scan documents at work, I have to do it twice because I never remember to face the documents up instead of down. Because at home, they need to face down and I'm not capable of retaining different sets of scanner instructions inside my head.

It's sort of the same reason I travel around the building at work with a pen and paper. Because no one ever needs anything from me until I don't have a pen and paper. But no pen=let's chat.

The route to the bathroom is the main culprit. Like I'm going to remember anything by the time I get back. Because my husband's going to call my cell phone while I'm washing my hands and heaven knows that man's going to have some story about how he turned the lights off on someone while they were using the bathroom and by the time he's done laughing at his own little prank I'll be back in my office and there is just no way I'm going to remember that you plan to leave early Friday so I shouldn't send out a search party to look for your cold dead lifeless body. Seriously. Is it so wrong to need everyone to email me anything even mildly important so I won't forget?


I'm going to need everyone that thinks I have more than 3 brain cells to stop reading now. OK. Everyone that's left, did you see Sunday night's Rock of Love 2 finale? I can't decide if Bret really likes Ambre or if he just decided he couldn't admit he wants to date dopey but hot strippers that still live with their ex-boyfriend in a one bedroom apartment. Chick was totally his type. But not as fun as Heather who everyone knows he should have picked the first time around.

He's either breaking away from his type or trying to pretend he is. And, um, speaking of dopey but hot strippers, the possibility exists that Natalie could be evicted tonight on Big Brother. Which sort of makes me happy. Except if she's not busy explaining the significance of random number combinations, misquoting the Bible and wearing socks up to her thighs, what would I have to make fun of?

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THE QUEEN V said...

I was thrilled that he chose Ambre and not Daisy. THRILLED. But I agree...he didn't seem quite as thrilled as I was. lol I think he has realized that the time has come to act slightly more like a grown up and not go after the brainless tarts, but he's a little disappointed. Kind of like kids that realize they're too old for their parents to let them trick-or-treat anymore. lol

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