We may own everything else 50/50 but the DVR is mine

So apparently Survivor was really awesome this week. I only know this from reading a recap of it as we had bad weather Thursday night and my CBS affiliate opted to show ongoing weather reports instead. NBC's affiliate was similarly inclined so I didn't get to see The Office either.

It's unclear to me how this sort of preempting manages to coincide with stuff I wish I could have seen instead of, say, something I wish I could have missed. Like last week's American Idol where the Australian guy I like got emotionally toyed with.

My husband pointed out that I should just be happy we didn't have any hail damage because we were smart enough to move our cars inside 20 minutes before it started coming down. Except that just wouldn't be like me because I enjoy complaining about things that are beyond my control.

Like how I also missed America's Next Top Model this week. Although that wasn't weather related. It was Military Channel related instead. My husband claims there was something so riveting taking place on that channel that a strange force entered his body and forced him to stop one of my DVR recordings so he could change channels. I'm pretty sure it was something akin to the history of the steel toed boot. That is only preferable to Top Model if you are male.

Sadly, I am not. And Wednesday is a busy night for my DVR. I'm going to need to patrol the remote a little better or be forced to subject my husband to a thorough explanation of the hierarchy of my crappy reality television viewing. Because he thought I'd want to watch Chatty Natty get voted out instead of Top Model. But, seriously, Big Brother's on 3 nights a week. Duh. Men.


THE QUEEN V said...

Last year my husband and I argued constantly about this. There was always an "important" show of mine missing for something like Billy Ny the Science guy. Finally I got a second DVR (one in living room, one in bedroom) for all of his stuff so that he wouldn't touch mine. I mean, it's only like $10 bucks a month--I spend that much on Diet coke! Since then he has decided that it wasn't important enough to him to pay the $10 per month, but I informed him that was his poor decision because he's still not allowed to disturb my recordings. Men!

Kritter Krit said...

Oh, no! That stinks! I would be so upset. (Which is sad. And pitiful - that I'm so emotionally invested in my Fluff TV. But I am!!)

Hubs and I have discussed getting a second DVR for exactly that reason: I own the one we currently have. So when Russ wants to watch "Dirty Jobs" (which is actually not porn, in case clarification is needed) or "How It Was Made", or some other science nerd show, he's flat out of luck. I'm busy recording: ANTM, American Idol, The Office, and basically every show on Bravo.

50/50 doesn't work when it comes to the DVR.

Trenches of Mommyhood said...

My 6-1/2 year old has figured out how to work the DVR, so everytime I go to watch one of my (reality) shows, I have to first scroll thru 200 episodes of SpongeBob and Drake&Josh.

Anonymous said...

You are all crack-heads and subject to man TV at anytime. I think I'd get along fine with your husband kritter krit.

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