I have fallen into a black hole of work related crap and my husband needs to stop getting on planes

I swear I’m alive. Seriously. Totally alive. Just swamped by life. I attribute this mainly to my husband traveling so much recently for work. Oh. My. Word. My. Husband. Has. Been. Traveling. So. Much. 8 days here. 3 days here. Pretty much anything that keeps my husband away from the house more than 14 hours stresses me out. So repeated travel for the last two months makes my head want to explode. I spend the entire time he’s gone treading water trying to keep my head above water. Then he comes back and I attempt to catch up and then he’s off again. Yikes doesn’t begin to cover it.

On top of that, work has been very hectic. The powers that be pulled several deadlines out of thin air and I’ve been spending all day everyday trying to pull a rabbit out of a hat. I think maybe I’m almost done. The rabbit will most likely be dead by the time I scrape it out of the hat but I guess I’ll meet the deadline. Whatever.

Normally, I have significantly more down time at work. Not “Let’s decoupage the walls and grind our own wheat” kind of time on my hands. But maybe “Hi how are you I love your sweater let’s do lunch” time on my hands. I look forward to returning to those days sometime soon. Certain coworkers are not helping me do this however. I don’t want to say they’re lazy and generally apathetic. Except, unfortunately, they are.

As a general rule, I don’t care if people are lazy and incompetent at work. I mean, it’s not a positive thing. But if I can’t really do anything about it, so be it. But if you are lazy and incompetent and you take credit for my work repeatedly, you are officially on my last nerve and I will not pretend I have any tolerance for you. I do not even care how high up the food chain you are. I refuse to smile and nod while you copy and paste my work without giving me credit. My husband says that’s how it goes. I say I don't pretend you're awesome if you're not.

My list of work related pet peeves currently includes:

1. People who forward my emails on as their own. You know. The people that delete your name and email information and then sign at the bottom like they wrote it. Or better yet. The people that copy and paste your writing into their reports. Um. Didn’t your boss tell you specifically to write it yourself? Since when does copy and pasting count as writing?
2. When people who forward on my emails as their own copy me on the email in which they have forwarded on my email as their own. Um. Wait. That sounds familiar. But my name’s not at the bottom? That’s odd.
3. People who conveniently forget to forward you their report which you discover later is because they cut and pasted your writing into their report and maybe just maybe they didn’t want you to see that. Um. Wait. Didn’t you tell me three times you’d send that to me? And didn’t your boss specifically tell you to send it to me too?
4. People who expect you to pretend you wrote something you didn’t write. Don’t tell me to go sell your load of crap to people and take credit for the crap. If you wrote the load of crap, I’m going to tell people you wrote it. Because that’s personal responsibility. You also don’t pay me enough to lie for you. Not that I’m the sort to lie but I’m just saying I’d need to be paid really well to even consider it.
5. People who write a load of crap and ask you to go sell it but don’t bother to take the time to understand how and why it’s a load of crap.
6. People whose goal in life is to just stay out of trouble. They don’t really care about getting ahead or fixing problems. Their whole goal is just to stay off their boss’ radar. If you need them to speak up and get something done for you, too bad. Because speaking up might put them on someone’s radar and that’s inconvenient. Nope. Not gonna to do it. Even if you asked me nicely 7 times in a row. Even if I told you I would. Because I was just saying that. What I’m really going to do is give you lame excuses while I drag my feet another two weeks until you corner me and demand an answer about whether or not I’m going to speak up or not. Although then I’ll just come right out and tell you I don’t want to because it might get me more work and then you won’t know what to say and then too bad for you because I’m still not going to do it. Ha ha. Sucks to be you.


Childlife said...

So glad you've still got a pulse -- LOL! I feel for you with the whole flying solo gig. My husband has a week long business trip coming up in two weeks and I'm already dreading it :P

I cannot believe people are stealing your e-mails and putting their name on them!! That is beyond obnoxious! Hope things start looking up for you soon, I've missed your sense of humor around blogland :)

Chaotic Joy said...

Okay, well that all just sucks. Seriously. I cannot believe people are actually putting their name on your work. Even if your husband is right and that's how it works, well it still sucks.

My advice...Go watch tonight's Survivor. It will make you feel better I promise. It rocked. It might rock even more with a glass or bottle of wine, if you were so inclined.

Happy Working Mom said...

Wow, you have a ton going on. I hope it ends for you soon! And I hope your husband comes back and stays for a while soon!

Christy said...

These husbands who go off and travel for 'work'! At least you must be near the end of it, we are just about to start.

Oh, and we must have the same boss ;)

VVVVeronica said...

I'm so glad to see that you're ok! I was seriously starting to wonder if something happened. lol Sorry life is so hectic for you right now. Do you see any light coming at the end of the tunnel yet?

Anne said...

Glad you are o.k.
I think people like the one you are describing eventually get caught.
Hope things settle down a bit for you.

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear your blue again! The traveler is coming home as fast as he can. He really loves you and misses you a whole bunch! Oh yeah, he checks your blog from time to time when he isn't working like a donkey. Fuck your boss, they will figure out who the smart one is!

Charlie Blockhead said...

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