Beware of the wild hair

I ditched my husband and kids and hit the nearest movie theater to see Twilight today. Technically, I didn't plan to see it opening weekend. Really, I didn't. But I was leaving the house anyway because, dude, did I need some time away from my children. My husband tried to shoo my crabby behind out the door bright and early at 7:30 because he'd already sensed the rift in the force. But I told him nowhere I wanted to be was open yet. By the time I deemed it time to head out, I finally realized what weekend it was. It was like a sign. Who was I to deny it?

I liked it. I mean, the book is way better. Don't get me wrong. And, I'll be honest, you probably won't like it if you haven't read the book. Part of what I liked about it was that it was like visiting old friends. Sort of like how the Sex and the City movie felt like having an old friend visit. If you don't know all the charming little details the movie's too short to get into, I'm thinking you might not get sucked into Edward. But luckily for me, this was not an issue. I've even developed an appreciation for Robert Pattinson's above average hotness. Out of control hair and all. In a couple scenes they got really close up on Edward and Bella and his three inch tall hair got cut out of the shot and, I swear, I caught myself noticing that and maybe even missing the hair a little.

Speaking of hot, the scene with the kiss was hot. Holla. And the part where he stayed to talk to her and just laid on the bed next to her made me want to cry. Although that probably had more to do with the time of the month, if you know what I mean, but whatever.

Several plot changes distracted me. For example, certain important conversations take place in the forest not the car. And my favorite day, the one where it's Edward's turn to ask all the questions, didn't even make the cut. I guess maybe I'm willing to forgive them because it is a long book to attempt to squish into a movie.

Finally, in the history of nitpicking, allow me to present you with the grand champion of nitpicky comments which is who the hell picked the grey pea coat for Edward to wear in the big forest scene? Did they run out of black pea coats that day? Am I the only person that thinks he would have looked three times hotter in black instead of that washed out grey mess? Dare I hope those wardrobe people have been suitably punished for crimes against humanity? Seriously. It's not a J.Crew ad. Stop dressing him like it is. Focus on making him look hot. Help him help us fall into the wild hair vortex of hotness.

Although, seriously, that forest scene really is crying out to be a J. Crew commercial. And did anyone else think Jasper looked insane in every scene? Is that whacked out casting or whacked out acting? And the Cullen's house was way cooler than I'd imagined. And Edward with a hatchback seems so odd. And Bella seemed more scared and overwhelmed. In the book she seemed so much more certain.

Okay. Enough already. Thumbs up from me. Entirely fluffy but fun to watch while eating buttery popcorn. But beware of the wild hair.


Kristina said...

I saw it this weekend, too. I liked it much more than I thought I would, but the book is definitely way better. I made my husband come with me, and watching him roll his eyes or grimace every time a teenage girl emitted a high pitched squeal was almost as entertaining as the movie!

Chaotic Joy said...

My twelve year old daughter and I are going to see this next weekend. I think it says much more for her than I that we are both really excited about it.

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