It rained cats and dogs

I spent the afternoon finally uploading photos to Flickr. I've been a month behind for like two months now. I kept wondering how long it would take for my mother to finally call me up and demand to know when she can expect to see new photos of her grandkids. Although my mother enjoys attempting to be subtle so it probably would have been something like, "I haven't seen any new photos on the Flickr site in awhile. I've been checking everyday. I guess you haven't been taking any pictures lately. You should. Is your camera working okay?"

So anyway, I've uploaded all my photos. Even Halloween. For anyone waiting on pins and needles after last month's costume debate, I like to call this year's group costume Raining Cats and Dogs. I made my husband hold an umbrella in case anyone didn't immediately catch on:

My daughter and I were both kitty cats. For like an hour somewhere in the middle of October she tried to convince me she wanted to be a dog like her brother instead. But then she saw the cute pink kitty cat ears I ordered off Etsy and the rest is history:

I slapped a pink flannel oval on a black shirt and the collar is from Walmart with a rhinestone heart tag on it. She loved it. I think she'd wear the ears every day if I'd let her.

Her brother was a puppy dog. I figure this is my last year to slap overly cute crap on him so I did. Floppy ears and all:

He woofed at people all day and I kinda sorta thought I might die from the cuteness. My husband did not die from the cuteness. He mostly stood around in his cargo shorts and Harley Davidson T-shirt wondering if maybe he should have dressed up instead of being uber lame and relying on me to hand him an umbrella so he wouldn't look like some random stranger that wandered into our family photo.

In other Halloween related news, we took the crew to a local pumpkin patch last weekend. Besides photographing my offspring seated on pumpkins, I also snapped this shot of my daughter walking through the corn maze holding her precious pants up so as to avoid any potential contact with dirt:

Which is an especially amusing shot after I located this picture from last year's disastrous trip to the pumpkin patch:

Different year. Same insane kid. She gets that from her father. Don't believe me? Fine:

I told you so.


auntie said...

your kids are so cute all dressed up for halloween! and i love your "theme"...i think the umbrella really pulled it together :)

amy said...

wow, fun and creative costumes. glad you had a good time

no way said...

Cute, cute costumes. And my daughter has that same shirt from Target. Get over there right now-Halloween stuff is 75% off! You'd be surprised at how much Halloween stuff you "need" when it's that cheap. My family won't be eating for a week, but darned if our place won't look great when Halloween rolls around next year! Hooray!

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