It's probably wrong to use the phrase certain failure in a post about NaBloPoMo

For the last three weeks I have been busy, busy, busy. The fact that everyone is busy did not dissuade me from starting this post with that sentence. Because I really was busy. For example, I didn't even realize that today was November 1st until approximately 2 pm. And by November 1st I mean the first day of NaBloPoMo. Despite the fact that I've been a big time blog slacker recently, I totally planned to do it again this year. Get myself in gear and stop making excuses for why I don't have time. I'm trying hard not to think I'm setting myself up for certain NaBloPoMo failure. The fact that I'm a month behind uploading pictures to Flickr doesn't do much for my optimism. But who knows. In other news:

1. My husband has only gone out of town two days in the last month and a half. One night while making dinner together, for a second it crossed my mind that maybe that was the greatest night of my life. Then I realized I was just happy not to be making dinner alone with two children clinging to my legs.

2. In honor of not traveling so much, he decided to retile the floor in my daughter's bathroom. Except then he started stripping and refinishing our dining room table too. My husband and I signed a home renovation related treaty several years ago. The gist of our "One Project at a Time" treaty is that you can do any kind of project you want to the house as long as you finish the first one before you start the second one. Imagine my confusion when I realized that my daughter's bathroom still doesn't have a toilet and my dining room table is in the garage on a dolly.

3. I was happy Leanne won Project Runway but felt bad for Korto. I did not however feel bad for Kenley.

4. My boss at work attempted to give me the equivalent of a B for communication when she gave me my annual performance review recently. My colleagues all enjoyed when I recounted for them later that my exact response was, "I don't accept that. I'm not sure where we go from here but I'm not a B." So then I read out loud the criteria for the communication rating and explained in detail why I am in fact an A+. And then I reiterated that I wasn't a B and stared at her. Don't you wish you could be my supervisor? Don't I sound fun? Whatever. Some things you know in life. Some things you don't. I know for a fact I'm an A+ in communication. So I told her so and she gave me my rightful A+. So there.

5. My boss only tried to give me a B for communication because her boss didn't like an overly opinionated question I asked in a meeting once. She actually told my boss to lower my communication rating because of that. Good to know. Won't change how I do business, of course. But I'll be sure to file that info away for a rainy day.

6. The B for communication wasn't the only score I disputed. That might make it seem like I got a bad overall performance review. Except I didn't. I actually got an awesome review. It's just part of my charm that even when you're trying to tell me I'm awesome, I feel the need to tell you why I'm more awesome. But seriously, don't forward my writing on as your own and then pretend I'm not an A+ communicator.

7. We're in the midst of potty training our two year old. Every kid is so different it's insane. We had reached full time panties only to recently regress to diapers at night and one accident a day. I don't want to have to use the word "poop" on the internet but I've recently decided that the cleaning of the panties is hands down the single grossest parenting task. Worse than projectile vomiting that soaks through your shirt so bad you think you may actually need to change your bra. Worse than the time you discovered your kid figured out how to take the used diaper off during naptime. At one point, my husband and I were actually debating panty cleaning technique. It's difficult not to think your life has taken a wrong turn when that's an actual topic of conversation. We seriously never experienced this with our daughter.

8. We watched There Will Be Blood. Interesting. Well made. Daniel Day Lewis was great. But sheesh did it leave me feeling sad.

9. We also watched Juno. Thumbs up.

10. I swear I'm not going to do lists all month long.


Christy said...

Oh how I have missed reading your blog! Seriously you make my day!

I wish I could have been like you in my annual review when my supervisor gave me a satisfactory on my organization skills. It was because she couldn't understand all of the little notes that I left for myself when she as snooping around on my desk!

Oh, and I am so not doing NaBloPoMo this year. I am blaming the fact that I am away the first week of the month :) Good luck.

Kris said...

My technique for cleaning the panties is to take them to the utility sink and spray them with Spray 'n Wash. Then they sit there until it's wash time. It's beyond gross.

Do you watch Biggest Loser? That's the only reality show I watch and I'd love to hear your comments.

notevenatshirt vb said...

So glad you're back! And so glad you're (hoping) to not fail miserably at NaBlo cause you are definitely missed when you're not here. :)

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