I almost took it in the bathroom with me

I'm back. Back from two weeks of training my employer insisted I needed. I'd like to pretend the training was awful and rant about what a waste of time it was but overall it was pretty good and I guess it's sort of nice to be valued enough by your employer that they'd invest in training you. I know. That's so party line it makes me want to gag. But whatever. On to more important things, like why the hell that training facility/psuedo-hotel didn't have bathtubs. The place was clearly designed by a man. Seriously. There's just no way a woman would think that was a good idea.

On top of the ban on bathtubs, the rooms were the size of dorm rooms. No really. The dresser drawers hit the bed if you pulled them out all the way. And there literally wasn't enough floor space to lay my suitcase open on. I had to wrestle all 63 pounds of it up on the bed to unpack.

And just in case you didn't immediately catch the dorm vibe in your room, they went ahead and put little gathering lounge type areas outside the rooms too. You know, the same area your RA had the whole third floor gather during freshman year to remind everyone to clean the hair out of the drain after you shower and stop throwing people's clean laundry on the floor when you can't find an empty dryer in the laundry room.

Supposedly the dorm vibe was intended to get trainees to not spend all their time in their room. Some crap about the importance of networking with fellow trainees. Right. Whatever.

On the bright side, what my accommodations lacked in bathtubs it more than made up for in silence. For example, there's a definite shortage of screaming children in that place. And no whining dogs scratching at the door at 3 am. The horror. The horror of a good night's rest. Boo-yeah.

Back at the homestead with small children shadowing my every move, I miss the silence a little. But only a teeny tiny little bit. Because silence doesn't have kissable chubby cheeks or tell goofy knock knock jokes. It also doesn't wander into the kitchen while you're making dinner to hug your leg and tell you it loves you.

To celebrate my return, I did five loads of laundry, waded out of a 300 hundred email backlog at work and bought a laptop. Go, me! DVR, Ipod, Blackberry, Netflix, Twitter and now a laptop. I feel so my modern! I can't believe it never occurred to me that the only thing better than surfing the net is surfing the net from bed while watching DVR'd crappy reality shows. Holla!

Earlier, I had to use the bathroom and, I cannot tell a lie, it crossed my mind for two seconds that maybe I should just carry the laptop in there with me. I know. And people think Blackberry's are addictive. Try having the world at your fingertips from the comfort of your pillow top bed! The possibilities are endless. And by possibilities I think we all know I mean my ability to flush hours of my life down the toilet. Life is good!


remember moments said...

Yes, blogging from the bed is quite exciting!! I love my laptop.

Stephanie N. said...

You caught me at the 63-pound suitcase. Egads! Didn't you have to pay extra to check that thing?

teachergirl said...

Ha! I've had it in the bathroom!!

Stay At Home Mom said...

I think I have gotten used at how my daughter follows me everywhere. If I'm away for a couple of days, I appreciate the silence too. But it's really never the same. I still prefer hearing her whines and screams from time to time. LOL.

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