Rules for Life

1. If you've been trying unsuccessfully to fall asleep for an hour, you should get up and take a Tylenol PM before it gets any later.

2. You should never make dramatic life decisions while you're having your period. Many is the boyfriend I nearly broke up with during that time of the month. And I once watched a tourism commercial for South Dakota and thought my life wouldn't be complete unless I moved there. Seriously. Never underestimate the importance of knowing when to take a deep breath and give it a few days.

3. Besides a house and a car, if you can't afford to pay cash for it, you can't really afford it.

4. If your children are little, serve them dinner on time or you will pay.

5. Learn to drive a standard if you are going on The Amazing Race.

6. Everyone thinks their kids won't be those kids. You know, the kids flinging their weeping body on the floor in the Target doorway.


no way said...

Oh the amount of things I was sure *my children* (before I actually had them) wouldn't do. Be picky eaters, be sassy, bully another kid, act like a fool in the store, etc., etc...

melissa said...

there was much my children were never going to do. *snort*

i decided this week that i hate my hair, i'm fat and i need to reorganize my house because its a wreck. no relation to the hormones raging through my system this week, i'm sure ;-)

carosgram said...

Pithy but true!

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