I'm sure I'll ride faster once I start weighing myself again

I leave the interwebs with Five on Friday as I prepare to fall face first into the weekend and not get up again until Tuesday.

1. I can’t wait to weigh myself first thing Monday morning. I’ve put myself to the test for the month of August and haven't weighed myself once. I’m hating it. I admire everyone that can throw their scale out and focus just on how they feel and the fit of their pants.  I’m not one of them and it has mostly just played games with my head. Maybe if I discover I’ve stayed the same weight despite no weigh ins for a month I’ll change my mind. But that would blow my mind.
The new bike left me behind so quickly all I got was this crappy photo with a trash can in the middle of it. 
2. My husband bought a fast new bike. He was already effortlessly stronger and faster than me on his old bike. Why I let him get something faster is beyond me. Why I still try to keep up is an even bigger mystery. It should be a rule that the strongest person in the house is required to have the slowest bike so the rest of us have a fighting chance. The family that rides together stays together . . . even if there are certain people leaving other certain people in the dust . . .

Duh.  Of course he's going to smoke you on that new bike.  What the hell were you thinking?
3. The water fountain and the bathroom on my floor at work are both working again. Is it weird that I was more excited about the water fountain working than I was about the bathroom?
4. My family’s faith in humanity did not suffer a blow when B-Double O-T-Y got eliminated on America’s Got Talent for the 2nd time this week. We were initially super excited that Mel B used her judge’s pick on them last week. So excited it required us to make phone calls to distribute the news far and wide. But their performance didn’t end up doing anything for us this week. We couldn’t decide if it’s because we’ve seen the song enough now that it’s getting old or if they were just kind of shouting the song in a way we didn’t like. At any rate, no broken hearts in our house. Our favorite was the #2 pencil comic. Awkwardly charming and funny for the win.
Too legit to quit.  No wonder she rooted for B-Doube O-T-Y.
 5. How much do I hate Amanda on Big Brother? Her judgment is getting off the charts whacked out. Watching her intentionally torture Elissa in the hopes of frazzling her so Andy could comfort her just made me sad for the state of mankind. I get that it’s a game. I kinda see her strategy in trying to get her to soften towards Andy. Maybe? But then she carried the plan out by shouting insults including derogatory things about Elissa’s physical appearance and was just a full blown jerk about it. That’s not a reasonable way to treat someone else. Is that who you are as a person?

And the rest of the idiots let her do it. Nobody thinks maybe that’s bullying and they should point it out to her. Nobody thinks maybe they should tell her she’s being a jerk. Such a sad commentary on our society. The only thing better was the episode before last where someone told Amanda she’s a bully or bossy or something and she had to subject everyone to confirming for her that she’s not. Except you could tell everyone knew it was true and was just saying it to be agreeable and get her to shut up. If the next HOH doesn’t nominate her and her boy toy against each other we should kidnap Baby Zingbot and hold him for ransom until they forcibly remove Amanda from house.

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Nikki said...

Can you BELIEVE who is left??? OMG!!! #CBSfail for sure. I was an Elissa fan and now just totally disgusted with everyone else. I hope the table wins the 500k.


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