Bring on the Weekend!

Right now I’m thankful for . . .

1. Weekends. I’m ready for one. Technically, I’m ready for 2 or 3, but I’ll settle for one. Especially ones without any soccer games, birthday parties or urgent crap that needs to be taken care of.   Bring it!

2. Amazon prime free 2 day shipping. Realized Monday that Allegiant came out and this girl hadn’t ordered it yet. While ordering it, noticed the new Mara Dyer book is also out. Boom. Even tossed in some footless tights my 10 year old wannabe dancer needed for ballet. That’s called 2 birds with one stone, people. On my front porch waiting for me when I came home from work 2 days later. Boom boom.

3. Having 2 new books I’m excited to read and a weekend with no soccer games, birthday parties or any other urgent crap that needs to be taken care of. Me and my flannel PJs will be curled up reading all weekend. Whee!
Hat night!  Like headband night except slightly less odd.
4. My insane in the membrane Italian Stallion husband. He’s making me run a mud run with him and group of guys tomorrow in the freezing cold. I’m a pretty delicate flower so you can pretty much bet on tears or cursing. And if I scrape my knees or twist an ankle, it will only go further downhill. So I’m blocking it from my mind. The Race of Which We Do Not Speak. Although if I spoke about it, I’d say it was nice of the Italian Stallion to want me to do it with him. Although if I spoke about, I’d also say it’d be nice to go for hot chocolate and stay dry instead. But whatever.
I am made of steel.  Therefore, I am impervious to cold weather.  Let's jump in some mud and run 6 miles.  Do not cry, little china doll.  Your scraped knees will heal and you'll get a great blog post out of it.  If you agree to stop yelling at me, I'll even hit the Starbucks drive thru for hot cocoa on the way home. 
5. My return to watching reality television. Caught up on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Carlton seems interesting but wenchy. Thumbs up. The other new chick doesn’t interest me in the least. I’ve decided I like Yolanda. I’m confused what Kyle’s problem with her is and wish she would shut up about it.

And Kyle is seriously trying to jinx herself by being so vehement in declaring that the rumors about her husband cheating are not true. I hope that female knocked on wood or something because I am now just waiting for the cover of US Magazine with all the females he cheated with. Just blow it off and move on, girl. Don’t be a complete weepy mess on national television talking about how completely great your marriage is and that no one can split you up. It’s like triple dog daring the universe.

And Brandi really needs to dial back gossiping about Lisa. She played both sides of the fence joining right in on the fake faint conversation in the limo and then reporting it to Lisa 3 seconds after she walked in the door as if it was the others doing it and not her.

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Janine Huldie said...

We have no soccer, but my little one's birthday is tomorrow, so I will definitely be busy with that, but would love a weekend with nothing, but reading. I would totally be thankful for that if I could get that just one weekend for sure. Thanks for linking up with us and hope you will join us again soon! :)

Kelly Mckenzie said...

Hahahaha - relating on so many levels. Found you via my post with FTSF. I'm just coming off 15 years of full on busy weekends - soccer, water polo and swimming. My two are now at universities across the country and it is such heaven to have my weekends back. Best of luck in the run. You can do this!

Considerer said...

Awesome stuff - really good luck on the race :D

Kristi Campbell said...

I am so ready for the weekend, too! I've been sick and slacking on work stuff, and sleep...well, I haven't been slacking on sleep but sleeping doesn't count when you have a fever, right? Totally different!
Great fun for the race tomorrow! I hope you have a blast, and that you do not fall, scrape your knees or other. And that insane in the membrane Italian doesn't either. And rubs your back for hours.

Veronica said...

You're right, Kyle has been acting really weird about this whole denial thing. I wish I knew what pictures everyone keeps referring to with her husband and another woman. It is one thing to present a united front and stand by your man, but it is a completely different thing to be playing the fool. So, good luck to her. And she goes back and forth with me from annoying to okay. So I'm always on the fence with her anyways. I love Yolanda. She has had a few questionable moments, but overall, she is steady, stable and a reliable person that I would love to be friends with. She's down to earth and someone that I know I would be able to rely on. These other girls are all twits, as far as I'm concerned. Brandi is funny and sometimes I like her, but she is unreliable, two-faced and catty; I don't care for people like that. Lisa has changed this season. She just seems more about the show than about true friendships, if you know what I mean. She seems a little bit more contrived. She hasn't done any one thing that I can point to; it's just a gut feeling that I have or a vibe she's giving off. But she just seems like she has changed. These two new chicks...meh. The pageant queen...too flakey. The white witch. Too weird. No sense of humor and really odd. I don't get a good vibe from her. Okay, so this was way too long, lol But that is my take on them so far! :)

AwesomelyOZ said...

My bf loves those silly mud runs, I told him not to even think about asking me to do that. It's enough I go hiking with him when he wants. Races/Runs are not my thing, haha. It's great to have those weekends in which you have absolutely nothing to do, today is the one day this weekend where I get to do nothing with the bf and it's amazing. I get to catch up on blogs and cook something in peace. :) I second that two weekends idea, I think weekends should be three-day all the time since two days is never enough!! Have a great one Kim! -Iva

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