There is tile in my master bathroom

My master bathroom has been empty for 7 1/2 months. No toilet. No sink. No shower. My husband started renovating it 7 1/2 months ago. Unfortunately for him, he started demolition on his birthday. Makes it really easy for me to remember exactly how long it's been.

The length of this bathroom renovation doesn't annoy me at all. OK. So maybe it'd be nice to not climb over his Shop-Vac to get in my closet. But overall, it's all good. Here's why. 7 1/2 months ago when my beloved pulled out the sledgehammer intending to have his way with our retro funkadelic bathroom, I pointed out that he might not have time to finish such a big project since he'd be busy finishing his bachelor's degree for the next six months. Get this. Dude looks at me and says, "Don't worry, it won't take six months. I swear." Priceless. Even he laughs about it now. How could he not when our bathroom looked like this for 7 1/2 months:

Which I guess is better than this retro madness:

But honestly, not by much. Because at least our medicine cabinet was an actual cabinet. As opposed to a giant medicine box you have to sift through when you feel nauseous at 1 am.

The master bathroom project turned a corner this past weekend though:

That's actual tile. And it's adhered to the walls. And look, there's some on the floor, too:

That's hot. He's hot. Let's go tile the entire free world. And, I don't want to get my hopes up or anything, but we appear to be on schedule to get a toilet in there by the end of the year. Rock on.


Joy, of course said...

Oh HURRAY! I am particularly thrilled about this because my husband is supposed to be STARTING on retiling our master shower tomorrow. He's never tiled anything before. Was it difficult? Not that it will affect his decision if I tell him it is. He's superman. You know to me, the kids, and especially in his own mind. I am considering making a wager on how long we will be out of that shower. It's already been a few weeks. Hmmmmm. WHat shall I wager? Surely I can get something great out of this...besides a newly tiled shower of course.

a happier girl said...

My husband is pretty handy. So I'm not sure if you want to judge by him. Overall it wasn't the end of the world hard. My advice regarding tiling is to use the little white spacers between them and either buy or rent a wet saw rather than using the cheap tile cutting system. The cheap system involves scoring the tile with essentially a really sharp razor blade. Then you have to snap the tile rather than cutting it. That snapping business doesn't always go along the scored line and it doesn't leave a clean edge. We ruined many a tile learning this lesson when we did our hall bathroom.

Christy said...

Looks like it is going to be gorgeous when it is completely done!

I think that my poor mother would really sympathize with you. My Dad is a contractor and is notorious for starting projects and home and taking months to finish them. I think one of memories as a child is when my mom had been bugging him for months to paint the hall and livingroom. He finally did one day, just hours before everyone was supposed to be there for Thanksgiving dinner!

Michelle said...

Honestly - I think our homes are in parallel universes or something. Our 70's era master bathroom has been in 'demolition phase' since Memorial Day weekend 2006. My Mom came and stayed the entire week to keep the kids occupied - 'cause that was how long the project was supposed to last.

For reasons that I fail to comprehend, our bathroom appears to have become a permanent storage facility for miscellaneous shop tools and the project focus has suddenly switched to a make-over of our staircase bannister's... ???

a happier girl said...

christy - Didn't the whole house smell like paint for Thanksgiving dinner? That's funny stuff. I would tease him every single Thanksgiving for that!

Michelle - I can't believe your husband is working on a banister while your bathroom is on hold! That's funny. It does sound like our houses are in parallel universes. I swear to you the only reason my husband didn't start any other projects during the 7 1/2 months is because we've made a deal that he can do whatever project he wants but he can't start the next one until the first one is done. Several times he's talked about starting something else and I had to remind him of the one project at a time rule.

curryegg said...

ohh... you will have a nice room soon izzit? lol...
And you've a nice blog!
Happy blogging..

Christy said...

Oh it smelled all right! Turkey and paint...doesn't that make you hungry? Yeah, it isn't really one of those things that we let him forget, or repeat for that matter :)

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