Superior planning skills any employer would be lucky to have

I feel certain there are tens of thousands of people on pins and needles waiting for the follow up report on whether I decided to put in for the new job. I previously wrote about my pathetic indecisiveness. One job being cushier while the other is upwardly mobile. Late Thursday, much as I predicted, I was frantically attempting to think of descriptive phrases to use on my resume. You know clever stuff that makes you sound super important and highly skilled. I'm not sure how successful I was. Eh.

I decided to put in for the job not because I've decided I want it but because I haven't decided that I don't want it. In my head it's a "just in case" move. Just in case the cushy new job I'll be starting soon is boring. Just in case I become tragically power hungry and decide I need to take over the world.

I figure if I get a call for an interview I can decide then. I'm so good at putting things off. See how I delayed that decision to the last possible moment? See how I've set myself up to have to make that decision while I'm sitting on the phone being asked what day and time would be good for me? Maybe I won't even get a call for an interview and then I won't have to decide at all. Another brilliant strategy on my part. Who wouldn't want to hire someone with these planning skills? Eh.


Happy Working Mom said...

I actually just did this! An opportunity came across and while I'm not sure I'm ready to change jobs (I actually hadn't given it any thought before this), I didn't want it to pass me by before I was sure. So I sent my resume in and decided I'll see what happens!

I also gave you an award :)

Mommy off the Record said...

Good luck with the job!! And thanks for the visit to my blog the other day.

childlife said...

...And with such dynamic enthusiasm! Eh. : )

(I'd hire ya just for that sardonic wit of yours)

Anne said...

I do things like this all the time because I cannot make decisions. I read that when a decision is difficult it's because the outcome is similar, (if that helps). If you change your mind and they call you tell them "I never applied for the position, what are you talking about."

a happier girl said...

happy working mom - Thanks for the award. I've never gotten any before so that's really exciting! And I'm glad to hear I'm not the only applying for jobs I'm not sure I want.

mommy off the record - Thanks!

childlife - Thanks. And yes, my enthusiasm for the new job is another strong selling point in my favor.

anne - I like that line to use if/when they call for an interview. I'll be sure to use it. If I decide I don't want the job that is.

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