I had it coming

It's ironic that shortly after I wrote about my children wreaking havoc on my house I discovered this madness in my 18 month old's room:

Let me help you out. That's diaper genie refill. Two of them. Pulled all the way out. In case you've ever wondered just how much refill is crammed inside those little containers, wonder no more:

It's kind of noisy. I mean, not noisy enough that you'd really be tipped off that something was wrong if your two small children went in a room and closed the door behind them. But once the door opens, dude, you'll hear the crinkling a mile away. And the baby powder scent will be hard to miss too. Because, wow, who needs air freshner when you can just drag a diaper genie refill around the house. It's also like a party in a box:

The newest 4 year old would like everyone to know that it's also useful for playing dress up. If you wrap it around yourself enough, it's a lovely green dress. If that's not your style, throw it around your shoulders and it's a giant plastic boa:

I love that the 18 month old is trying to escape his crazy sister there. I feel you, bro. I feel you.


no way said...

oh my gosh-that is hi-larious! i need to remember that a closed door is a sign to be on alert.

(i hope your still able to use those refills in their unrolled state.)

Chaotic Joy said...

This is soooo funny. I can't stop laughing.

childlife said...

Also works really well with paper towels, TP, wrapping paper... you know... anything on a roll... in case they run out of ammo.

Tissue and baby wipe boxes are a load of laughs too. (Perhaps one day I will learn.)

The Daily Rhythm said...

Oh my! That is hysterical!!

a happier girl said...

no way - Closed door = danger. But they were in my son's room. It's so very babyproofed in their it didn't occur to me they'd find anything other than baby blankets and board books to play with.

joy - I thought so too. Which is why I walked out of the room to get my camera as soon as I recovered from the shock.

childlife - Yeah, baby wipes box are very popular here too. Although I try to view that as cleaning so it doesn't annoy me. Unless they "clean" with the entire box.

daily rhythm - Thanks!

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