7 more reasons I'm really, really cool

I started a list of 100 things about me several months ago. I decided to fill it gradually instead of all at once. Mostly because I enjoy opportunities to cut corners. I get to add to the growing list today after getting tagged for a meme by Christine at Sippy Cups and Blackberries. The gist of the meme is to list 7 random or weird facts about yourself. Not a problem, dude. My list starts with #9 because I’m picking up my list of 100 where I left off. Like anyone but me cares. Whatever:

    9. I can drink a whole Slurpee in one sitting without getting brain freeze or chest freeze. I think maybe I’m immune to it. My husband can endure dental work without pain medication but is crippled by brain freeze on the first sip of anything cold. This amuses me.
    10. I only have 1 kidney that functions. It’s the result of kidney reflux as a baby. I saw a urologist about it for years. On two separate occasions with two different friends I really needed to use the bathroom and tried to get the friend to let me use the bathroom before them by telling them I only have one kidney and my urologist says I shouldn’t wait to go. Both times the friend laughed because she thought I was kidding and went to the bathroom first. Both times they felt bad later when I told them it wasn’t a joke.
    11. I’m a notorious channel flipper. Radio and television.
    12. I’ve read 50 Agatha Christie books. Mostly during high school. I read so many I started writing down the titles to keep track of them. Her best book is And Then There Were None not Murder on the Orient Express no matter what anyone tells you. And Miss Marple is better than Hercule Peroit.
    13. I like walnuts, peanuts and occasionally almonds but I won’t eat them in anything. I don’t care how big they are or how easy they are to pick out. My answer is still “No, thank you.”
    14. I was a member of the Barbie Fan Club as a kid. My mom has the canceled check to prove it. My Barbie Dream House is packed away in my mother’s garage waiting to be handed down to my daughter. So is my Barbie Dream Pool. And my Barbie Dream Kitchen. And my Glitter Barbie with the cool glitter glass heels. And I don’t mean the cheap flip flop heels. I’m talking about the pumps that actually fit on the foot and stayed in place.
    15. When I meet people or see them on TV I like to classify them in my head by what kind of relationship I could have with them. I met a friend’s fiancée and later summed up how awesome I thought she was by saying I could totally be friends with her. Whereas some whack job shrew on Dr. Phil gets classified as someone I could not be friends with. Other categories I like to use are someone that would be fun to go to happy hour with, someone that would make a good neighbor, entertaining to sit near at work and guy most likely to come into work with a gun and shoot the place up.

I’m supposed to tag 7 people when I’m done. But I’m too soft. I can't put the screws to anyone. Even delicate little meme screws. But I'll totally read your list and link if you do it!


Amy W said...

I had to laugh about your friends and the kidney thing...but really, only one working kidney?

Anonymous said...

So, I totally remember that time up in New York when you pulled the "one functioning kidney" card on me.....I still feel bad about it to this day!! Not only that, but I still tell people the story...among other ones from that trip!

Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...


Somebody like the hell outta Barbie! Check out this old photo of me and my sister: Spoiled Brats

Christine tagged me, too... I'm a lazy, slow memer, though... probably won't have mine up until next week. Hehe.

I know you can hear me... said...

I swear that you are one of the most fun parts of my day! Excellent list!

Anonymous said...

Im still laughing.

i might do this.

Kelly said...

LOVE #15! That's so me too... I'm glad I found your blog (from OMSH) I'm going to add you to my feeds so I can stalk you... hehehe :P

a happier girl said...

amy - Yup, one working kidney. Not a joke. You only need one to live. I'm a little prone to urinary tract infections which I have to take seriously but otherwise fine.

Juliebear! - Yes, I know. And I felt bad that you felt bad! Because I know you really thought it was just another of the random silly things I like to say. But don't feel bad. I've told the story to people and get to the end and they laugh and then a second later ask if if I was kidding or not. So they couldn't even tell from the story!

sarcastic -Barbie Dream House! That's a very retro one house in the picture. I say that not having seen mine in awhile which could very well be even more retro. Big time Barbie girl as a kid. Now she sort of annoys me. But my daughter still get the Barbie crap because I didn't save it all these years for nothing.

i know - Thanks! Aren't you nice!

mama loves - Do it! You know you want to! Plus if you get tagged enough you'll have your list of 100 things already done.

kelly - Thanks! Please do. I'm always happy to know someone enjoys what I write.

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